PTSD: This Man Treats It With Small Doses Of Magic Mushrooms

PTSD treated with magic mushrooms

Tiny doses of magic mushrooms are used to help this man with PTSD. 

Psychedelic drugs have been under talks and research for helping cure mental illnesses like depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and addiction. Although controversial, the drugs have recently been dragged to the mainstream, drugs like magic mushroom and LSD. 

The use for the cure has been termed a “Psychedelic Revolution.” But in a recent documentary, it is revealed how these psychedelic drugs have helped change lives. Especially of this one particular man called Steve Mather. 

Steve Mather: “No PTSD happening.”

Steve Mather spoke about beginning drugs as a cure for his mental illnesses. He called the drug “freedom.” He then said that it represented the freedom for him from “being stuck” in a dark space. He also added that he hoped people who suffered from such illnesses would get this aid from him. 


Mather has provided magic mushrooms to people in need for the past 10 months. “I have done that for a while now,” he said. He also added that due to magic mushroom, his brain chatter” has gone down. 

The man even went on to say “that there’s no PTSD.” He said he goes through anxiety. But there were no panic attacks. 

Microdosing: The Key To Repairing PTSD 

magic mushrooms

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Steve Mather said that his doses of magic mushrooms aren’t big. Very little of the drug is consumed in order to tackle PTSD and other mental health issues. This process of taking in small amounts of it is called “micro-dosing.”

Dr. Roger McIntyre, Champignon Brands’ Chief Executive Officer, gave his insight on this. “Microdose,” he said, “is a dose that doesn’t typically resolve psycho-active effects.” He added that it doesn’t include any “out of body experiences or derealization experiences or so on.” 

An ethnopharmacologist named Dennis Mckenna also spoke about the consumption of magic mushrooms to treat PTSD. “The whole idea of micro-dosing is you don’t feel anything,” he said. He also added that “micro-dosing is the next big thing.” 

Psychedelic Drugs VS Research

Thousands of people like Steve Mather have said that micro-dosing magic mushrooms have helped them treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, among other mental health issues. But this comes with two major setbacks. 

Firstly, psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms are still not available generally to the public. They are illegal drugs. But most importantly, no studies are showing the good side of these drugs. Researchers are yet to prove that these psychedelic drugs in microdoses are safe to treat PTSD or others. 

Dr. MacIntyre said that there are a lot of clinical studies about the “full-on” therapeutic use of psychedelic drugs. But very few covered the good side of micro dosage. “Yet,” he said, “it hasn’t been done; it hasn’t been demonstrated.” 


“Less Is More” When Treating PTSD With Psychedelics

It has been reported that larger doses, which create powerful psychedelic mind trips, show promising clinical results. But according to Steve Mather, “less is more.” This is something even other consumers of the drugs have reportedly admitted. 

Mather has consumed magic mushrooms for about ten months now. “Man, I am so far ahead, and there are so many loops and so much of that brain chatter gone that I have no problem being here to show other people that there’s a chance you can heal.” 

Mather and his business partner are doing just that. They even have an underground lab. There, they make capsules of magic mushrooms to help others tackle their PTSD. And technically, all of them are still illegal. Mather lastly added, “I’ll show other people how I did it. It may not work for everybody. But it will work for a few. And if I can get them out of that horrifying place, I am kind of obliged to do that.” 

Although widely popular as an aid, there are no stern reports or researches that prove psychedelic drugs like LSD or magic mushrooms are better drugs to treat PTSD or depression. And even if the drugs being consumed are illegal, there’s a growing underground movement to tackle that status as well. 

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory 

Image Featured:  City News Toronto

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