Trust The Process Vlog#08

COVER VLOG 8 scaled

When we want change in life or there is something that might be a better option, the universe will often rearrange things for us. Sometimes it means that the old structure needs to fall for the new to be created. We often tend to resist these changes as we do not understand the process. A few months ago I interviewed Dylan Werner who is one of the most recognised yoga teachers on the planet. He shared how he used to work as a firefighter in the past and one time he got fired. At that moment it felt for him as if the world was falling apart. He worked so hard before to become a firefighter. He thought what else could he do? At the same time he was already starting to teach yoga and he decided to take this route. Years later he thinks that what happened to him was the biggest blessing, it opened a new path for him that turned into something incredible. He became one of the most known yoga instructors in the world and travels the world teaching yoga to thousands of people. 

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