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My name is Mike Sygula and I’m the founder of Truth Theory. I have been on a personal journey of growth for the last 20 years and over this period I have watched thousands of lectures, documentaries, listened to podcasts, read articles, and many books on subjects of personal development, spirituality, metaphysics, entrepreneurship, and other areas that can benefit us in our daily lives. All of this has inspired a deep passion for personal development.

In my life, I had to go through a lot of challenges. Just to give you an idea. I grew up working since I was 11. English is not even my first language and I struggled with literacy due to very strong dyslexia. Yet, I managed to write a book (in a foreign language) that has been downloaded more than 10,000 times, and build my own digital media brand. Create content that has been seen by hundreds of millions of people. Interview and become friends with some of the greatest minds on the planet and become a vice-champion of Poland in Kickboxing. I have spent much of my life living abroad and traveling, which has empowered me with an education that cannot be gained through conventional education.

I tried many methods and I constantly experiment with new ideas and tools to help me in becoming a better version of myself. I also have been meditating for more than 13 years now. I experimented with many different diets and techniques to improve my overall performance and mental and physical health. I feel like I have really extensive knowledge about various situations and methods that can improve our lives in many different areas. 

Coaching is one of many areas I’m involved in, it came naturally as I had to go through a lot of difficult periods in my life which resulted in me having to build myself up from the bottom up.

I struggled at school because I’m heavily dyslexic and for most of my life I found it hard to read a page and remember what I was reading. I had to work incredibly hard for years to improve that, reading and learning all the time. I got into the online business in 2010 and without any prior knowledge or any technical skills I managed to create a few websites, some would generate 6 figure revenues and we would reach hundreds of millions of people in the process. As a teenager when I got bullied I decided I would learn martial arts to protect myself. After 3 years of training 6 days a week, I won second place in the National Kickboxing Championships.

When I was 11, during summer school break I decided I wanted to make money to get myself a bike as my parents would not be able to afford it. I started my first “business” by selling vegetables in the market and made enough to cover all my needs that summer including the bike.

This is my approach to life, if I struggle with a problem, I go and try to fix it. Many people have a victim mentality, where they will blame everything on “external factors”. I think that in most cases there is a way to solve the problem. In every struggle there is opportunity. I am self-taught in most areas, and this comes with a price. When you try to figure things out on your own, you often will do it “the hard way” by trial and error, which can improve your ability to solve problems, but at the same time, it takes a lot longer than if you would have the right person to guide you. You don’t have to do it the same way as I did, you can work with someone like me who has gone through the hard stuff and knows what works and what doesn’t. I’m very much into spirituality so some of my methods can include unconventional techniques, it will help if you are an open-minded person. If you watched any of my True Spirituality episodes you probably know already that I have an enormous passion for metaphysics, spirituality, and mysticism. I have been studying these subjects since 2002 and spiritual development is one of my strongest areas. Over the years I experimented with tons of practices and teachings and developed some of my own unique methods that help me on a day-to-day basis in living a better life. I will be honored to share some of my techniques so you too can improve your life and align with your highest potential. 

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