Investment Banker Speaks Out— “It’s An Industry That Rewards Psychopaths.”

Investment Banker

‘Investment banker’ is a title that thousands of people around the world dream about achieving. 

People work hard. Study hard. All-nighters. Long shifts. It takes too much to sacrifice to reach a simple seat. And that chair doesn’t just hold power; it holds lots of money: bonuses and large stipends. But like everything else, this region also caters to a much, much darker world. 

An ex-investment banker, who wished to remain anonymous, recently came out about this “little bit mad place.” The financial industry can look promising from the outside. But the revelations done by this man have not only gone viral. It has managed to grab the attention of the unenlightened. 

He said that the decision to talk about him came from the realization that “it was about time someone explained what really happens.”


Ex Investment Banker: A Face Behind A Face

For about twelve years, i.e., from 1996 – 2008, this investment banker worked in the industry that boasts its prowess. 

But several times in the decade, he realized that things weren’t quite right. He called the industry “an incredibly secretive world.” He further said that one could call investment banking “putting together people who want to invest money and people who want money invested in their companies.” 

The investment banker also then mentioned that the industry of investment “covers a multitude of sins.” He studied at a decent university and could sit with the best of the lot. And he believes it is the most critical part of working in the city. He further called out the system, describing a city as a place “that rewards bulls***.” 

His First Wrong Encounter

Investment Banker

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The ex-bank investor elaborated the first time he felt it was “a mad place.” He and a hundred banker-men went into a basement. There, there were several plastic chairs set in a semi-circle. When the men were seated, two women came in & began having sex with each other. All while, the men started their lines of cocaine and watched. 

After that, the women got hold of the men in the front rows and began having sex with them as well. Expressing what he felt in the moment, he said that “there’s something grotesque about 100 men in suits watching two women going at it…” This was the moment he first felt that the place was “a little bit mad.” 

The other time he realized this was when he gave his first presentation against 200 people on a trading floor. This was after he pulled an all-nighter. As he began, according to him, he started hearing giggles from the crowd. When he looked down, he realized his crisp, white shirt was being drenched in blood from his nose. 

Cocaine And Bankers: The Perfect Drug For Investment Bankers

This investment banker revealed that cocaine is the perfect drug for bankers. He called the people who work in the industry “glamorous” and “psychopaths.” And he meant psychopaths in daily lives— not people who are medically deemed mentally unstable. But people who are “manipulative” and even “charming.” He also said that these people “hate jobs that require serious qualifications” and who have no “empathy” or “remorse.” 

“It’s an industry that rewards psychopaths, and it’s an industry that psychopaths thrive in,” he continued. “Insider trading happens all the time.” He mentioned how the industry insiders are never satisfied with their six-figure “salaries or bonuses.” They want more. And he referred to how these investment bankers purged the 2008 financial crisis to benefit from it. 

There would be rumors around about a bank asking for a loan from the government. But these people, as per our ex-investment banker, would make it all worse by earning themselves. He went on to call it “one of those crimes you never get found out for.” He confessed that due to cocaine being expensive, it was perfect for luring in customers by common interests. 

Ex Banker’s Confessions: The Conclusion

The cruelty of the investment industry is vast and expands. Our ex-investment banker confessed that all these crimes are simple. The insiders carry out several “insider trading, spreading false rumors, market manipulation” or “anything to gain a fast buck.” “They just game the system.”


“I was playing for the team that was on the side of corporations that were raping this planet.” He also said these bodies and corporates did not care about their workforce. But they only cared “about their quarterly earnings figures.” All of this admittedly got to him, he said. Especially because he was not just raised religious but also “fairly left-wing.” 

Today, when he tells children about this job and industry, “strippers, thousand-pound meals, cocaine,” young people ask how to land a job like this. But the ex-investment banker said that there is change. That there is a regulation today on the bonus, an associate can earn. “It’s no longer a playground for druggy lads having a ball anymore.” He also went on to say that he was “thankful” for the way things have changed. That is because he believed the way they used to behave was not right.

On his deathbed, he said, he wouldn’t be proud of his past years in the industry. He confessed he practically “sold his soul to the devil,” but he got an excellent price for it.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory 

Image Featured: VICE

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