My name is Mike Sygula and I’m the founder of For the past 10 years, we’ve been working hard to produce thought-provoking content that has been seen by millions of people all throughout the world.

Thanks to our efforts millions of people could learn about the unethical practices of major corporations or understand more about our environmental impact on the planet. We helped people to question the mainstream narrative. Our content inspired millions and as a result of our work people all around the world could see the bigger picture and learn more about solutions to the world’s problems. Our mission is to facilitate the empowerment of humanity using solution-based and thought-provoking ideas.

Unfortunately, in recent years, things have gotten very tough for alternative media organizations like Truth Theory. Tech giants that currently rule the internet regularly censor content that does not fit into the mainstream narrative. We have experienced these attacks first hand, and this has resulted in constant challenges that have drastically reduced our ability to reach people with our content. We have experienced demonetization, suppressed reach on social media, and various other issues that make it harder than ever to share our message authentically.

Our goal has always been to have absolute editorial freedom, which is why we are completely self-funded and independent, free from external influences. This means that we often have to work 10 times harder than others with a fraction of the budget that other media companies have. This is all fine as long as we can continue making an impact.

In order to keep spreading our message, we need help from people like you. By supporting us you help to keep us going and indirectly make a huge impact as we reach a lot of people with our content. Every contribution helps and it will pay for things like licenses, staff salaries, equipment, servers, website maintenance, and all other costs involved in running an independent media organization.

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