74 Pounds Of Cocaine Found Floating In The Federal Waters Of Florida Keys

74 Pounds Of Cocaine

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Mysterious things keep happening all across the world on a day to day basis. One such strange and fascinating incident has recently taken place in one of the states of the United State of America, Florida. The authorities of the state of Florida have recently found more than 74 pounds of cocaine that was floating in the waters.

According to the numerous reports that have covered this wildly mysterious incident has informed that 74 pounds of cocaine were floating in the waters of Florida Keys a few days before the day of Christmas. The Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago located some distance from the southern coast of Florida. The Florida Keys are not a sandy beach. As a result, there are a lot of fishing activities happening on the coastline. Therefore, numerous fishermen can be seen as well.


74 Pounds Of Cocaine Pops Up In Florida

Cocaine packages found floating off Lower Keys

Approximately 33.7 kilograms or 74 pounds of cocaine was found by a…

Posted by MCSO – Florida Keys on Friday, 25 December 2020

A local fisherman of the Florida Keys coast has reported recovering 74 pounds of cocaine. After discovering the drugs, he informed the Sheriff of the Monroe County office. He reportedly gave the information on 23rd December, Wednesday, one day prior to Christmas Eve.

The sheriff of Monroe County then handed over the cocaine to the United States Border Patrol. This handover was made owing to the reason that the drugs were discovered in the federal waters.

This was not the kind of white Christmas that the authorities in the Florida Keys wanted to see.

Following this sensational news, a price estimate of the 74 pounds of cocaine was drawn up by one and all. So far, the projected street value of this massive amount of abandoned drugs has been drawn to an approximate $85,000.

74 Pounds Of Cocaine

Credits Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

This cocaine was wrapped in more than 12 separate packages. The fisherman noticed the drugs floating about 15 miles south of the Sugarloaf Key, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office.

The concerned fisherman then notified one of the deputies of the sheriff of Monroe County, who was present on the marine patrol at that specific time which was about 1:54 p.m.

The washing ashore of drugs in and around the shoreline of Florida is quite a frequent occurrence. In the months of August and September this year, almost 150 pounds of Marijuana was recovered from the Key West coastline in Florida.


Other Strange Cases Of Drug Discovery

In the previous year, approximately 33 pounds of drugs were discovered in Palm Coast.

In the month of July, a couple found 25 kilos of cocaine in the Florida Keys after they washed up on the shore. The coke was estimated to be worth a whopping $884,000. It was sitting there on the beach in packages marked with a colorful ‘777’ logo similar to a slot machine seen in Las Vegas.

There are several other such wild drug hauls in the Florida Keys which make the 74 pounds cocaine haul seem dull. Back in July 2020, an estimated $1 million worth of cocaine was found washed up on Marathon.

Another fisherman had also discovered $1 million worth of cocaine after he saw fishes jumping in the water. The cocaine stories are endless and exciting.

The reasons for dumping such large amounts of drugs such as the 74 pounds of cocaine are numerous. Similarly, if someone ever comes across such an expensive treasure lying or floating around, would want to profit off it. However, it will not be as profitable as they would like to imagine.  The drug empire is ruthless. One would put his life in danger by being in possession of an enormous amount of drugs.

Image Featured Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

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