Truth Theory are new media facilitating the empowerment of humanity using honest, solution based and thought provoking ideas

Truth Theory are new media here to replace the old outdated disempowering paradigm. The way we perceive consciousness is changing and we deliver content that is congruent with this change. What you focus on amplifies and we feel that bringing honest empowering content to a wide audience creates an honest and empowered society.

The ideas we facilitate are honest, solution based and/or thought provoking. Which make up 3 parts of our 7 pillars of new media:

  • Honest
  • Solution Based
  • Thought Provoking
  • Educational
  • Pure
  • Challenges The Narrative
  • Empowering

Honest: Truth is subjective and can differ from person to person dependent on your world view, however, honesty comes from a place of uncorrupted purity and while we know that not everyone will agree on all of the ideas expressed we will never purposely create a disharmony for alternative agendas.

Solution Based: Most of the old media provides content that does not leave the viewer feeling empowered. It is like entering the doctor’s office and being told you have depression and being asked to leave without further advice. We are bringing content that provides a solution or part of a solution to the problems being addressed. Meaning that when you view our content, we want you to be in a better position than when you started. We know the world is not 100% light, but we want to create content that makes people feel better about their existence. Not every piece of content we create highlights solutions as sometimes things are more complex. Sometimes the topic does not allow to delve into solutions, but it is our aim to keep highlighting solutions whenever we can.

Thought Provoking: Our content will provoke thought and explore many ideas that have been dismissed by the old media. We will courageously explore ideas that go against the current consumerist narrative. Society has been constructed and reconstructed over time – many ideas that were accepted as fact in the past are now considered false. We know many of the current ideas that are being shared as factual are can also become outdated once new understandings are fully accepted, and we are not afraid to explore the potential of new ideas.

Educational: Knowledge infused with wisdom is freedom, and all societies deserve to be free. We bring content that unconditionally educates – looking for an accurate historical account of where we have come from and the exploration of the true potential we have in this life.    

Pure: We keep our message clean and while some may stir up emotions, it comes from a place of love. There is a simple formula for a fair society and that is: give more than you take – even if it is 51% give 49% take. We don’t encourage anything that leaves a negative surplus on humanity and come from a space of purity.

Challenges The Narrative: We are not afraid to challenge the current narrative- we accept no financial incentives for political gains, we are free from influence and will expose anything we feel is working towards disempowering humanity. We also believe that a free society leaves no one behind and compromise must come from every side of a discussion to move forward. Old media speaks from a very specific narrative and we believe this is outdated.

Empowering: An empowered society is a free society- currently we are not a free society. Our goal is to help facilitate the empowerment of humanity and believe that media is a big potential piece of the puzzle should it be created responsibly. Empowerment is not always pretty, but we will always be moving towards this goal.

While all of our content is honest, we also aim to use at least 2 more of these pillars in each piece.


Truth Theory is the new media facilitating the empowerment of humanity using honest, solution-based and thought-provoking ideas

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Truth Theory Ltd owns Truththeory.com Mike Sygula is the owner of Truth Theory Ltd. Truth Theory Ltd is registered as a Limited Liability Company in The UK. 4 Peebles Court, 21 Whitestone Way, Croydon, England, CR0 4WJ, it is an independent, self-financed organization.

Truth Theory was founded by Mike Sygula in 2010. Mike Sygula is a blogger, entrepreneur, activist and thinker, promoting alternative ideas to raise public consciousness of the important issues facing humankind. He is the author of: “Growth Hacking Tips And Rituals For Optimal Living” you can download his ebook for free when you join our mailing list here


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