Be The Change You Wish To See – Vlog #07

Be The Change You Wish To See

In this vlog, I wanted to share with you a story, something that happened recently. I have been relying on my dreams for guidance for 13 years and recently I was guided to start helping more other people.

I started seeing this one homeless guy quite a lot when I would go for a walk. Each time I decided to go and buy him something to eat. I filmed this video in February and by now I have met him at least 7 or 8 times, each time in a different part of the city center.

Some places are a few kilometers away from each other, it is so interesting how we “bump into” each other. It is so crazy how we are programmed in society to think about ourselves as much as possible, I think this creates the situation we have now where the world is falling apart, and the ecosystems are collapsing.

I’m not perfect but, here and there, I try to think about contributing to the world if I can somehow. I just wanted to inspire some people with this message to think about these things sometimes as well. 

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