Coaching Testimonials

“I was looking for help with a repeating pattern that had been consuming my life. Nothing I did seemed to work, so I felt it was a spiritual problem that needed an approach beyond the conventional. I came across Mike’s videos and coaching and was immediately drawn to Mike because of his in-depth knowledge and his talent for conveying complex ideas in a straightforward way. He doesn’t just repeat common or popular ideas but has been on his own extensive personal development journey and is on another level with a personal understanding of a vast number of topics. It’s lucky for us that Mike offers personal coaching, and he’s a very generous and profound person to work with.
I didn’t know what to expect, but I had a strong sense that I needed his perspective and approach. The coaching was extremely valuable, including very practical, directly-usable systems that I could follow that cut through the confusion and helped me change old patterns in my life. I found the one-on-one format focused on my issues very powerful and took me far further than I could have gone alone. I got much more than I expected as far as wisdom that deeply expanded my understanding and continues to benefit me, plus practical, distilled down assistance to help me directly make changes. I have also gained a growing connection to my Higher Self and even a process to access answers and assistance. In the past I have had bad experiences with unhelpful spiritual principles, so it was a relief to find someone trustworthy with so much to give. This was a doorway for me back to a meaningful path of spiritual growth based on more reliable principles. Thank you Mike, I am grateful!”
– Grace R. from Canada
“For me personally this was exactly what i was looking for and needed. We used conventional methods as well as spiritual and more esoteric approaches. Given different tools i worked with them (and still am) for three sessions during three weeks. I’ve done traditional therapy a few times before during my life and it never gave me much. With Mike i got real guidance towards what i want to achieve and how to get there and maintain it. I believe i am on a good path in my life so the sessions with Mike was a great way to amplify that. I will definitely have more sessions in the future to “kind of check-in” and follow up how things are going and developing.”
– Anders from Sweden
“Mike helped me with his coaching calls when I was down and needed help. Somehow I’d lost myself. His wisdom coupled with his positive friendly, warm manner gently guided me back to my old positive self. Thank you Mike. “
– Stephanie C. from The U.K.
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