This Tiny Rescued Kitten Brought His Dragon To The Vet To Help Him Feel More Courageous

Cat With Dragon At The Vet

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A dog is a man’s best friend, and so this rescued kitten chose a dragon to be his best friend. Netizens all over the world are going crazy over this cute tiny kitten and his stuffed dragon. The two have been through all the ups and downs together, even a neuter session. 

It was a fine day in Florida when Samantha Smart heard soft cries of a kitten in her neighborhood. The cries could be heard by Samantha’s family as well. They just couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. After a couple of days of hearing the cries, they assumed that the kitten must be an abandoned one. And so, the search mission began by the Smart family. 

Rescued Kitten Gets A Loving Home And A Stuffed Dragon

Samantha Smart and her family involved the entire neighborhood in the search mission. And, after a lot of looking, they finally found the tiny kitten. At the time of the search operation, no one had quite decided what they were going to do with the kitten.


In an interview with The Dodo, Samantha Smart said that they hadn’t thought of adopting the kitten. She added that, since they already had a cat in the house, they merely thought of rescuing the kitten. But as soon as their eyes fell on him, they knew he belonged in their loving home. And so, they rescued and adopted this tiny little kitten. And he was named Ponyo. 

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The rescued kitten, Ponyo, soon settled in the Smart home. As a welcome gift, Samantha’s daughter presented Ponyo with a cute stuffed dragon. And that was the beginning of a great friendship. 

After the rescued kitten was united with his stuffed dragon, they were inseparable. Samantha also said that Violet, her young daughter, chose the perfect gift after thinking hard about it. Now, Ponyo sleeps with his stuffed dragon every night and plays with him during the day.

Ponyo And His Dragon Get Neutered

Soon, it was time for Ponyo to get neutered. The Smart family knew it was going to be a tough time. But, with Dragon beside him, they knew Ponyo would be alright. So, on their visit to the vet, they took both Ponyo and Dragon along. 

Ponyo and his stuffed dragon won everybody’s hearts at the hospital. It was very clear that Ponyo was using his dragon for emotional support. He was sometimes even hiding behind the dragon. 

The Smart family decided to go to Operation Catnip, an organization that focuses on helping stray cats. 

Melissa Jenkins from the organization told The Dodo that they had to let Ponyo in with his stuffed dragon. Watching the two together, everyone decided that it was best if they let them go through the operation together. And so, the stuffed dragon received the same procedures that Ponyo received. The stuffed dragon was there for Ponyo from the still till the end of the procedure. 


The neuter operations can be quite stressful, thank goodness the cute rescued kitten had comforting company. 

Image Credit: Samantha Smart/Operation CatNip

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