This Non-Pregnant Dog Started Lactating And Saved The Life Of A Kitten


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Michelle Smith is one of those people who spend their lives caring for the well-being and welfare of animals that are too sick to care for themselves. Hardly surprising that she works for a shelter home for animals in North Carolina. In many of her adventures, she has come across several displays of animal compassion that might be truly unbelievable for the ignorant. Once, she came upon a non-pregnant dog who was lactating to help a kitten, after which they became inseparable.  

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Smith came because animal control was called after a woman heard incessant barking in the distance. After the team headed by Smith went to investigate the matter, they found a Shih-Tzu running through the foliage. As they couldn’t catch her, they decided to follow her to see if they could find out what was going on. Soon, the pooch led Smith and her team to an extremely sweet sight- a dog caring for a kitten. As soon as the dog laid down, the kitten went up to her and started suckling. Now, while the two animals seemed to be caring for each other, they did need immediate care. So Smith picked them up and took them with her. 

non-pregnant dog

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After a thorough diagnosis, it became evident that the non-pregnant dog was actually pseudo-pregnant, which helped it lactate for the kitten to suck on. But the dog was smart enough to realize that milk wouldn’t be enough for the kitten to survive on- hence she yelped for help. 

non-pregnant dog and her kitten

Soon, this connection that they shared proved unbreakable, as the dog and the cat were forever joined at the hip, not moving an inch without each other. Well, it does prove that animals are extremely capable of making and forming connections with other animals, in times of duress. 

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Their compassion comes to the forefront, as they are seen taking care of animals that would have been considered to be their sworn enemies. Just like the non-pregnant dog did for the tiny kitten. The animals have been named Goldie and Kate- after the famous actresses Goldie Hawn, and Kate Hudson. 

The non-pregnant dog and the kitten must be happy now- no one is separating them anytime soon. You can find how they are doing now Goldie N Kate Doe.

All images: Goldie N Kate Doe

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