This Vegan Fried Chicken Shop Sold Out In 4 Hours On The First Day They Opened


Really Happy Vegan Chicken

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

I’m sure many of us have been wanting to slowly transition into vegetarianism, but limited food choices are our foe. Well, not anymore! If you are a KFC lover who desperately wants to take up veganism, you are in for a treat. There’s a new vegan fried chicken shop in town. 

The Brighton based Really Happy Chicken opened up their shop only to find that they were sold out in just a couple of hours. Now, that’s really saying something for a vegan fried chicken recipe. This fast-food joint creates its vegan fried chicken from scratch. They use a wheat protein, which makes the dish feel, smell, look, and taste like real fried chicken. 


This fast-food joint has already created a name for itself on the streets of Brighton. They have a variety of vegan products that are so delicious even non-vegetarians would be left gaping. Many of their famous menu items include hot wings, popcorn chicken, vegan fried chicken burgers, hot wings, and fillets. They also serve some real smooth shakes.

Vegan Fried Chicken Becomes The Talk Of The Town!

Just think about the satisfaction you will get the next time you slam your non-vegetarian friend who would dare to criticize vegans. Simply bring them to Really Happy Chicken and don’t even tell them that it’s a hundred percent vegan product. And as they lick their fingers dry, tell them the secret behind the recipe. Not a real chicken, my friend. It’s made out of a wheat protein. 

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Really Happy Chicken enjoys a great social media following. But we would say, not enough of what they deserve. As you read this article, go give them a quick follow on Instagram @reallyhappychicken

But, to the credit of the vegan community, many out-of-town vegans flocked to the RHC on their opening day. Many of their first customers were vegan cuisine enthusiasts from out of Sussex and Brighton. Many of the locals had also gathered to enjoy their finger-licking vegan fried chicken. 

Out Of Town Folks Flood RHC On Their Opening Day

Several vegan cuisine enthusiasts and food critics flooded social media with Really Happy Chicken’s praises. One vegan food enthusiast posted on her social media. She said that she was one of RHC’s first consumers, and she was amazed by the food she received. She further said that the trip was absolutely worth it. 


She further elaborated that the menu had several enticing vegan food items. After a lot of thought, she decided to go with the buffalo burger, which was incredible. Herbivores_life also said that she ordered an Oreo shake with her burger. She praised the shake for its consistent creaminess, thickness, and tasting great. 

The size of the vegan fried chicken burger is also amazing. Many people were delightfully shocked by the massive size of the burger. 

vegan fried chicken

While they, happily, suffered from selling out on their first day, they also promised to come back. Really Happy Chicken took to social media and said that they were ready to do it all over again!

Image Credit: Really Happy Chicken

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