A Ball Appeared Out Of Nowhere While A Child Was Playing With Dogs, People Think It’s A Glitch In The Matrix

Child Playing With Dogs Ball Appears Out Of Thing Air

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

A video has gone viral after a strange ball seems to materialize literally out of thin air during a toddler’s play session with a group of dogs.

The video appeared on the Spanish language Twitter account AquiLoMire.

It all looks like good innocent fun as a child waddles down a narrow passage in its jumper suit, seemingly in pursuit of a handful of dogs.

The person shooting the video appears to be behind the child.

Then, four seconds into the video, things start to get weird as a red and blue ball suddenly appears in the picture.

Its about the size of a volley or football (soccer) ball and it is initially spinning slightly before becoming still next to the wall.

Due to its slow velocity it’s obvious that the ball has not been dropped, fallen or rolled from somewhere. With all the movement by the various dogs, one would think one of them would have stumbled on the ball had it always been there.

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Could the ball have been obscured?

The child’s reaction seems one of genuine surprise as he (it looks like a boy) quickly does a double take and turns back to take a closer look.

On one hand, there are several obstacles which could be blocking the view of the ball. But the more you watch the video in slow motion, pausing bit by bit, the more difficult it becomes to explain.

A few Twitter users had a go at offering an explanation.

According to a comment from Eddie Aranda the ball was ‘moving in the same direction about a meter in front of the kid as he runs, being blocked from view by his body.’

He adds that one of the dogs ‘look at the ball as it rolls past.’

However, as a tweet from Kim put it; “you would’ve seen it, the child was walking all over the place and then boom there is a ball, he’s just as confused.”

Perhaps the best answer is, and let’s be honest, it’s the one we all want to believe, is that there was a momentary ‘glitch in the matrix’.

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Image credit: Aquí

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