This New Electric Motorcycle Is Capable Of Riding Underwater

Volcon Electric Motorcycle

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Volcon are building an electric off-road motorcycle called the Grunt which will also be able to operate underwater.

The Texas-based company seem like they’re planning to shake up the powersports industry by offering adrenaline junkies a zero-emissions alternative to the likes of Yamaha, Honda and Polaris.

Volcon Electric Motorcycle

They’re not however looking to compete in the battery-powered pickup category, but are planning to introduce smaller more agile vehicles to the market. Starting with the Grunt, a fat tyre motorbike.

As part of their mission statement on their website says, the Grunt has been made to  ‘feed your desire to explore’.

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The specs sound promising: up to 50 horsepower, 75 pound-feet of torque and six seconds to reach its top speed of 60mph. That’s around 96 kilometers per hour, decent for an off-roader.

Volcon Electric Motorcycle

Importantly, the range is also good at 100-miles (160km). Battery recharging takes two hours using regular household electric output and changing the battery pack is supposedly quick and easy.

Have fun on land and in water with the Grunt

With a chunky, rugged appearance, the Grunt’s branding looks pretty cool too and the bike could be a lot of fun.

Even more so with it’s special feature – the ability to drive underwater. Normal gasoline vehicles can’t do that as the engine would suck in water rather than air.

Volcon Electric Motorcycle

“Like all Volcon vehicles, the Grunt’s all-electric powertrain is IP67 rated and fully waterproof. Don’t worry about pressure washing or stalling out crossing deep rivers or streams. The Grunt can actually be ridden underwater,” the company claims.

Volcon will be assembling the Grunt in Austin, a city where Tesla also recently announced plans to establish a factory.

It will still be a while though before the Grunt is on the market. Production is expected to start in Spring 2021. The bikes will be fairly reasonably priced – the basic edition will come in at $5,995; although that’s before any add-ons.

Also in the pipeline are two bigger electric vehicles – named Stag and Best. These will carry two and four passengers respectively.

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Image Credit: Volcon

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