These 9 Sustainability Influencers Have The Potential To Inspire Us To Live Better Every Day

Sustainable Living

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Looking for some green inspiration? Social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram are providing great access to inspiring people that are working on many important issues. Be it the zero-waste movement or Insta-worthy food bowls made from sustainable ingredients, there is no dearth of inspiration. But if you don’t want to get lost in this sea of information, here are 9 sustainability YouTubers you can follow.

The Girl Gone Green

The Girl Gone Green is the brainchild of Manuela Baron. She is quite famous for her 2015 Ted Talk “One Less Thing: Living Without Trash”. Baron has videos on meditation, mindful eating, and sustainable habits to get into during quarantine. She even covers topics like the zero-waste and minimalist lifestyles, greenwashing, and sustainable traveling.



Jhánneu focuses more on minimalism and low-waste living. She also covers sustainable beauty, ethical fashion, and easy habits to pick up in seconds. All her videos are categorized to help you sort through them faster. 

The Fairly Local Family

If you have a family that wants to lead a sustainable lifestyle, The Fairly Local Family is one of the best sustainability YouTubers you need to follow. Amber with her husband Joseph and children Galaxie, Indie, and Selkie live in a cottage. They grow their food and run an urban homestead in Ontario, Canada.

Living UnJaded

With nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, Jade is quite popular with her efforts. This sustainability YouTuber puts excellent tips oriented videos that you can easily follow up on. Some of her most viewed videos include Beginner Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps, Low-Waste Shower Routine, and 13 FREE Zero-Waste Hacks.

Naturally Mermaid

Naturally Mermaid is the YT channel of Ariel Sahar, a self-proclaimed healthy lifestyle enthusiast. She puts up the best zero-waste beauty videos and even has videos to help you create your own mineralized, zero-waste cosmetic items.


Max La Manna

Max La Manna is not just a sustainability YouTuber but also a chef and foodie. He is helping people eat more plants while creating less waste with his #MorePlantsLessWaste. You can find many cooking hacks that reduce waste and contribute to your well being as well.

Sustainably Vegan

For the beginners looking for tips on veganism, Sustainably Vegan is a great place to start. But she is more focused on a conscious, low-waste lifestyle than on plant-based food. You can find full recipes and great hacks for a sustainable lifestyle. 


Shelbizlee is one of the best sustainability YouTubers who makes zero-waste blogs focused on eco-minimalism. She has sustainable eating and living vlogs, uncommon zero-waste hacks, and eco-minimalism.

Thrifts and Tangles

Thrifts and Tangles is Tyler’s ethical lifestyle blog from Los Angeles. This sustainability YouTuber not only focuses on sustainable lifestyle but also on Black-owned businesses. 

So what are you waiting for? Even if you’re not willing to kickstart a green lifestyle just yet, these sustainability YouTubers might give that much-needed push!

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We Found 9 Of The Best Sustainability Influencers


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