Tel Aviv Is Testing Wireless Electric Roads For Public Transport

Wireless Electric Road

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

The Israeli city of Tel Aviv is planning to become the first to implement wireless electric roads to charge and power public transport.

The initiative is being jointly run by Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, the Dan Bus Company and technology company ElectReon. Government and private funds are being used for the pilot project.

The electric section of the road will initially span 0.37 miles. The entire length of the test route is just over a mile long. It runs between the Tel Aviv University Railway station and Klatzkin Terminal in Ramat Aviv.

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According to Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai, the project could be rolled out on a larger scale if the pilot proves successful.

“Our strategic action plan to prepare for climate change has placed the fight against pollution at the top of the municipality’s environmental agenda,” Huldai added.

How does the wireless road work?

The system comprises copper coils which are buried underneath the street surface. Power is then sent from the electricity grid into the underground infrastructure.

“Energy is transferred from the electricity grid to the road infrastructure and manages communication with the approaching vehicles,” read a statement on the ElectReon website.

The vehicle, in this case the bus, will have components installed on its underside which will receive energy and send it to the battery. In this way, the vehicle is able to charge while on the move.

And should the project prove viable, it could also prove game-changing for electric cars, which still face the problem of having to be stationary while charging batteries.

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