Child Prodigy Set To Be The Youngest Person To Study Aerospace Engineering At Georgia Tech

Child Prodigy Set To Be The Youngest Person To Study Aerospace Engineering

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

12-year old Caleb Anderson is said to be the youngest child prodigy who would be studying Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. The child prodigy had a meeting with the president of the school just the previous month, and he is expected to gain entry into this uber-famous university during this fall. Caleb Anderson hails from Georgia and has surprised administrators all over the state with his ability to retain information. His genius is far beyond his years. Clair Anderson, the mother of this child prodigy spoke about her son on Friday, where she mentioned how nothing her child did could ever be considered as normal to either of the parents.

How Did It All Begin For this Child Prodigy?

To begin with, this child prodigy was already mimicking his mother’s words when he was just an infant. As an inductee into the MENSA group of high-IQ people, he was able to read the Consitution when he was just two years old. Caleb is not just an avid fanatic of science- he is versatile as a polyglot too. He has command over Spanish, Mandarin, and French, as well as English. But this child prodigy is extremely humble about his capabilities. He spoke out about how he never really felt himself to be that smart- it was just his innate ability to retain information that allowed him to get so far ahead of his peers. In a hilarious recollection, he mentioned going for a first-grade class and finding everyone to be taller than him- for he was just two years old back then.

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This child prodigy had already completed his high school when he was 11 years old. For the last year, he had been at Chattahoochee Technical College under the Department of Aerospace Engineering. While he could have easily received his degree from this college, his parents wanted the best experience for him. They decided that studying at Georgia Tech would be a much more holistic option for him. It would allow Caleb to learn lessons outside school- ones that would help him survive. His parents want their child prodigy to not only be a great scholar or scientist, but also a great human being.

What Do His Parents Expect From Him?

This child prodigy’s parents have always understood his need to learn and retain information. His mother Claire is a post-graduate in Education, while his father is a salesman in the IT department. Unfortunately, his parents haven’t been able to help him in the field of aerospace engineering. But they can teach him something else- compassion, understanding, and kindness- things that he couldn’t read from books.


But what sets this child prodigy apart from everyone else? It is this knowledge that he is different from others, and there is nothing wrong with it. While Caleb Anderson did have a tough time in middle school, he has come a long way since then. And he knows he is always going to be this his entire life.

Featured image: Caleb Anderson and Family / Facebook

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