How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think Of You

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We often find ourselves suffering because of what other people think of us. Yes, it is important to think a bit about it because otherwise, we will not be able to understand others. But we tend to dwell far too much on it. A lot of us give it so much importance that it makes us stressed and anxious.

Just like it is important to know the things that would hurt a loved one, it is also essential to remember that everyone cannot be pleased every time. There will be differences in opinion, and people may think badly about you. But, at a point, we have to draw the line and give more importance to our self-image rather than what other people think of us.

Remember that, at the end of the day, the person whose happiness matters the most is you, not the others. So if they really don’t like you, think about if there is any reason to care. Here are some ways that can help you stop caring about what other people think of you.

1. Everyone Cannot Be Pleased

In democratic elections, a participant only needs a 51% majority to become the winner. This means the winner is someone who 49% of a country may not like. The same thing applies to your social circle. Regardless of your actions and your personality, there will always be some people who will not like you. So, sacrificing yourself about others’ opinions and making them agreeable is largely futile.

2. Put It Into Perspective

It is believed that most people would stop caring about what others think about them if they learned how little others spend time thinking about them. Remember that everyone has their own lives and is just as busy as you are mental. Most do not have the time to keep thinking about you and then base their actions and lives around that impression. Moreover, just as you are worried about their impression of you, they will also be similarly worried about your impression of them.

3. Be Honest With Yourself

Focusing on what others think about you means that you are seldom honest with yourself. Your every move becomes dependent on others’ impressions. However, chasing after compliments from others is detrimental to mental wellbeing. The best person to receive compliments from is yourself – that is the compliment that will make you truly content. Furthermore, being true to yourself will also help you understand why you care this much about what other people think in the first place.

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4. Being Vulnerable Is Alright

One of the most frightening things to do is speak against the majority opinion and risk disapproval. So much so, that a lot of us do not take the risk and keep silent. However, have faith in yourself and the things that you find the most valuable. Growth does not take place by being safe, it only happens when taking a chance that can fail.

5. Focus On The Important Things

Take a break and think if others’ impression of you is something that will help you achieve success or happiness. If it is not, then concentrate on the thoughts and actions that will help. You do not have an infinite reserve of mental energy. Imagine it to be an hourglass, and every thought is a grain of sand falling through – something that you cannot take back. Great speakers usually focus on the message that they are trying to put out and the needs of the audience to reduce nervousness. If they focused on what an individual may think about their presentation, then it would have been a distraction.

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