These 3 Kids Have Some Of The Highest IQs Ever In The World

3 kids having some of the highest IQs

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A website based in Kenya, has described 3 kids who have some of the highest IQs ever in the world. The information was shared in an article published in 2020.

There have been a lot of geniuses born in the world in the time we have been alive. These 3 kids are touted to be among that list. Their intellectual prowess has made them a member of a prestigious and elite group of humans.

The names of the 3 kids are Alannah George, Ramarni Wilfred, and Anala Beevers. The websites that have been mentioned earlier gave them the names and their IQs are believed to be among the highest among humans on this planet.

Additionally, all of them are members of Mensa – the oldest society of high IQ humans in the world. The report also said that the kids are considered the “topmost geniuses” in the world.

Alannah George:
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Alannah’s IQ was recorded as 140 when the article was released in 2020, November. She was believed to be Mensa’s youngest member when the article was written last year. Presently, the youngest member is 2-year-old Kashe Quest (whose IQ is a staggering 146) who was inducted into the society earlier in 2021.

Regardless, Alannah is the United Kingdom national. She is also believed to be obsessed with numbers and words. As an example of her intelligence, she learned how to read by herself even before starting school. She also likes reciting the multiplication tables and the alphabet rather than singing nursery rhymes.

Ramarni Wilfred

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Ramarni Wilfred’s IQ stands at 162. To put things in perspective, the IQ of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein was believed to be around 160. That is also the IQ score of Bill Gates.

Nevertheless, Ramarni was merely 10 when he authored a paper regarding the Philosophy of Fairness, as reported by Face 2 Face Africa. The paper received an honorary award from none other than Oxford University. Moreover, Ramarni’s favorite book is an encyclopedia. He has turned 18 this year and continues his studies.

Anala Beevers

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Last but not the least, we have the youngest member on this list. When Anala was just 4, her IQ was recorded to be more than 145. The article claimed that Anala could identify the alphabet’s letters when she was only 10 months old.

At the age of 18 months, she was able to recite all the numbers in both English and Spanish. When she turned 5 years old, Anala was able to remember and recite every capital and state in North America (the continent, and not just the USA). Anala’s parents said that their daughter always tried to learn something new and would usually multitask.

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What Is An IQ Score?

The IQ score is a standardized measure of human intelligence and brainpower. It is calculated based on the reasoning and ability to apply information of a person based on problem-solving. Factors determining the IQ score involve the speed at which puzzles are solved, ability, as well as long and short-term memory.

More recently, a 3-year-old boy named Muhammad Haryz Nardim was invited to be a part of Mensa. The boy’s parents are from Malaysia but stay in County Durham in the UK. As such, the boy is now a full-fledged member of Mensa UK.

Presently, Singaporean Ainan Celeste Cawley with an IQ of 263 is believed to have the highest IQ in the history of humanity. Ainan is 22 years old and studies in Singapore. He is followed by William James Sidis, an American mathematician whose IQ is believed to have been between 250 and 300. However, it was never recorded as he passed away in 1944 at 46 years of age. 


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