This Trait Distinguishes Gifted People, According To Study

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Education and educators know how important equality is in the present world. Add to that, the advancements in technology like social media and blazing fast internet speeds, there have never been more chances to chase our dreams in a chosen career, subject, or even hobby. However, the reality is, that some of us simply have more natural blessings than the rest.

As per the website, experts believe that somewhere between 5 and 20% of the world’s population can be called “gifted”. The categorization is done taking into consideration the word’s federal definition – a person who shows signs of being able to get tremendously high achievements in different aspects of life. This can be leadership capacity, artistic, creative, or intellectual ability.

 It can even be in specialized fields in academics. However, they all require activities and services that are not usually found in schools to properly develop these capabilities. Ever since the definition was coined, it has left many to consider it too vague. As a result, as many as 41 US states created their own meanings of the word “gifted”.

All this means is that it is difficult to exactly determine what makes for a “gifted” person. Moreover, all of us have some gift in some area and none of us is any more important than the other if we believe in this. But, if you truly do want to have an advantage in professional or academic endeavors, then a study suggests that this one trait is unique to “gifted” people, among others.

The Key Trait To Being Gifted

An article published on Psychology Today claimed that a specific kind of “gift” is seldom easy for those possessing it. The trait that was unique was an “openness to experience”.

For children who are gifted, the cons can outweigh the pros in lots of cases. They often find it difficult to fit into their immediate peer groups. As a result, unless they are admitted to an institution that is specialized for such kids, they can often lead lonely lives. Fortunately, there are many schools for the gifted.

Coming back to the study, the authors looked through numerous databases and research articles to find the personality traits of the gifted which are most common. They found 83 factors associated with giftedness, from nearly 8000 people of whom 3244 were gifted individuals.

Among the 83, openness to experience was found to have the strongest correlation with giftedness.

What Does It Mean Exactly And How To Do It?

Openness to experience means having a willingness to go on activities that bring new experiences, such as traveling.

At the end of the day, life must be lived. And we can do that best only when we are willing to experience as much as we can. The likelihood of unlocking the gifts we possess increases according to the number of things and emotions we experience.

We do not need to travel far to experience its joy. Similarly, we do not need to master a language to experience it. Simply flipping through the first few pages and being able to string together a sentence in another language is enough for a brand new experience.

The gifted people were seen to never limit themselves to what they had on their plate. If they pursued specialized courses, then they kept chasing after new questions one after another. Otherwise, they were seen trying out new hobbies and new adventures in life, so that they could always gather more knowledge.



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