5 New Year’s Resolutions We Should All Think About Keeping

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The New Year is approaching, a time when many have just spent all their money on Christmas and are getting ready to drink their own body weight in alcohol to kick off the New Year with the worst start. I would just like to share a big fat f**k that! The New Year is a perfect time for a new beginning, and while many marketers and opportunists jump on this to sell you a whole new you, I say the only person you need is yourself. There are many resolutions that are a little more specific and personal, however I believe there are many that we can all make an effort with:

Be Kind To Each Other

Kindness is something that can be unconditional and have a ripple to which the effects can be endless. Smiling at someone you know can make their day, but smiling and talking to someone that never gets a smile could literally change their life. A short while back a homeless man asked me for change, I didn’t have any, but I did give him a hug and ask him his name. He said all day long people walk past and no one ever stops to talk to him. He was more happy with the kindness than money could have ever offered. You really do not know how much of an impact your words and actions can have on people, so please- whatever you do this next year, be kind!

Be Honest To Each Other

Honesty is the most important of values, as once trust is lost due to a lack of it, it can be hard to regain. When you are open and honest there is nothing to hide, and with this comes a sense of freedom unrivaled by anything else. We all make mistakes and are often held to expectations that are unmanageable, however, when you are honest about every inch of your existence, no one can ever hold anything over you.

Accept Each Other

We all have our different ways of being- you may support Trump or Bernie or Hillary or a complete overhaul of the system- it doesn’t matter. You may be a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist or none of the above- again it doesn’t matter. We all have our different ways of viewing the world and guess what- we can all still be friends. As long as the views of others do not restrict your freedom and/or free will, you can leave them to get on with what they are doing without it affecting you whatsoever. Everyone just wants to be free and happy, sometimes it just manifests in different ways, so please let’s start accepting others, no matter how different they may be.

Repeat All The Above For Ourselves

The 3 above lessons are just as important for ourselves as they are for others. Be honest with yourself, no matter how painful. Be kind to yourself as you really do deserve it! And accept yourself and where you are, because you have come so far! True change does come from within and when you treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated the only way for the love to ripple is outwards!

Follow Our Dreams

The last and inevitable resolution (if you do the above) is to follow your dreams. This time around is short and before you know it you are old and grey. Don’t spend your life wishing and thinking about what ifs. If you know what sets your soul on fire, do it with every inch of your fire and passion, and if you do not know what it is make it a priority to find out. Dreams come true, but only if we decide that we want them too. So go for it and make this next year about the magic you have been storing away until this moment.

In this very moment you are exactly where you should be, so don’t worry about your past mistakes or your future potentialities. Live from this moment onwards and make the next year as beautiful as it can be! Please share this article, much love!!!

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