Elon Musk Thinks That A.I. Is More Dangerous Than Nukes But He Wants To Connect Our Brains To It

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Elon Musk has been critical of General Artificial Intelligence for years. He said for example that AI is much more dangerous than nuclear weapons. He also thinks that we are very close to reaching General Artificial Intelligence. His approach is that “if you can’t beat them join them”. If A.I. is so much more powerful than we are, we should never allow merging with it. He is the one that wants us to merge with it and he is developing the most advanced brain microchip (Nerualink) that will connect us with A.I. In my opinion, connecting our brains to AI is the last thing we should allow. Once we are connected to it, we can be controlled by it, it can malfunction, can be hacked, reprogrammed,  governments could use it against us, etc.

To install a Neuralink chip, they drill a  hole in your skull and connect hundreds of electrodes to your brain. 

In the first phase, the company wants to treat serious brain diseases and work with medical patients but their main goal is “human enhancement” which means connecting your brain to the internet or artificial intelligence…

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