Why I’m Concerned About Having Elon Musk’s Microchip In My Brain

Elon Musk

Have you heard about Neuralink? 

It is a company started by Elon Musk developing a brain-computer interface. The idea is that you have a small chip implanted in your brain.

And in the first phase, the company wants to treat serious brain diseases, but their main goal is “human enhancement” which means connecting your brain to the internet or artificial intelligence, maybe add some memory. This sounds all great to some but once you have a device implanted in your brain, you can’t really switch it off. We know that corporations can’t be trusted, here they will access all your memories, all your thoughts and emotions. Many people think we won’t see anything like this happening in the near future, but they plan to start testing it on humans very soon. Are we going too far with our addiction to technology? On one hand it could help medical patients but on the other it could turn us into slaves, where we can be manipulated like robots. 


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