Journalist DNA tested Subway’s ”Tuna Sandwiches”, Found No Tuna

subway1Subway recently denied the claims that their Tuna Sandwiches do not contain any tuna. 

This comes after a New York Times reporter recently bought a few Tuna Sandwiches from a few different Subway locations. She froze the meat and sent it off to a fish testing lab. The fish testing lab found no traces of any type of tuna in the DNA of the meat he provided. This could be due the limitations of genetic analysis or it could be that the sourcing of the meat for the sandwich could be nefarious. 


The genetic analysis could most probably be the culprit here as we are not sure how accurate it might be. As the mead had to go through quite a journey to end up at the lab. 

 A pseudonymous former employee told the NYT: “I dealt with the tuna all the time,” “The ingredients are right on the package and tuna is a relatively cheap meat. There would be no point to making replacement tuna to make it cheaper.” 

Inside edition also performed a similar test on the meat earlier this year and found that the sandwiches did indeed contain tuna. 

By Ruan Van Zijl

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