Aww-dorable Pink Pug Milkshake: Stylish, Popular, And One Of A Kind!

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

For starters, pugs are adorable. Pugs are a breed of dog distinguished by wrinkly, small-muzzled face, and curled tail. They are quite petite and squishy as well. However, there is one incredibly special pug that attracts all the boys and girls to its happy yard. It is none other than Milkshake! He is the extraordinary pink pug that makes all dog-lovers across the globe go weak in their knees.

Milkshake is one of less than one hundred pink pugs in the world. This makes him a complete rarity and has led to a sensational presence on social media.

Milkshake is just 17 months old and has been blowing away internet users all over the world. This 17-month-old pug is stealing hearts with his extremely rare appearance owing to his distinctive pinkish hue.

Milkshake has a pink color coat that is most probably inherited from any albino pug that existed in the ancestry of his family. He was born with bewitching baby blue eyes along with a blushing pink coat, paws, and nose, making him stand out among other pugs and has become an inspiration for influencers.


Pink Pug Milkshake Is Adored By His Owner

The owner of Milkshake is Maria. She is a 33-year-old marketing manager, living in London. She has revealed that she had first seen him playing with his other siblings. At that very moment, she knew that she had to adopt him. Maria immediately took in Milkshake in her home when he was just 10 weeks old.

While sharing details about her new pink pet, she said that she had never before heard of pink-tinted pugs but when she had gone to the breeder, she had spotted Milkshake from a distance while he was hanging out. She found him very adorable and instantly decided on having him.

Pink-hued pugs are exceedingly rare. Having stated that, Maria found out that Milkshake was only one out of the 30 other pink pugs in the world. Now, there are not more than one hundred in the world after a few litters that took place from these rarities.

In her comments, Maria has further shared that Milkshake is not really an albino pug. His genetic lack of coloring did not affect his sense of vision or hearing, fortunately. It came as a huge relief to all of Milkshake’s admirers that this genetic adversity does not make him sensitive to sunlight or make him prone to developing the risk of skin cancer. Overall, he is a very ‘happy go lucky’ and healthy boy. Maria and Milkshake share a wonderful and intimate relationship.

Instagram Craze Over Milkshake

Milkshake was set up with his very own account on Instagram and rapidly became a worldwide sensation. He has accumulated 75k followers that are increasing exponentially every second. His massive popularity has earned him the status of a pet influencer on Instagram.

Maria frequently shares delightful pictures as well as fun videos of Milkshake on his Instagram account that is a treat to his substantial number of followers. She has revealed that his account was opened as a fun pastime but soon he received an overwhelming response. People messaged her saying that if they had a dreadful day, seeing the photos of Milkshake would instantly cheer them up. Such a response only encouraged her to continue the account which has now become a global phenomenon.

Regular posts of Milkshake have made him increasingly popular and people can’t seem to get enough of him. Several followers who had the good fortune of meeting Milkshake in person, have said that they were completely star-struck meeting him. If we see his posts, we can totally understand that this is not an exaggeration.

Such positive responses and immense love have motivated Maria to keep posting updates on his daily activities to give joy to his admirers.


The Lifestyle Of The Pink Pug

The wonderful photos of Milkshake are evidence of the posh and pampered lifestyle enjoyed by him. Maria has explained that her pug is incredibly happy, quirky, interesting, and very spoiled. However, under the glamour, Milkshake is a lovable, homely pet who is a great companion to dog-lovers. He prefers a quiet life with his owner in their London home.

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Although many people think that Maria spoils him a bit too much. Although, she has said that this lovable pug deserves no less than what she gives him.

The luxurious and stylish routine of Milkshake includes a weekly visit to a dog spa, lavish beauty regime like pedicures, fancy outfits for event appearances, and glamorous photoshoots.

As soon as his busy routine is done, he is treated with some tender chicken and pampered by Maria.

Along with the immense Instagram fame, he also participates in various dog shows. Milkshake also has a personal trainer for keeping him fit and healthy. He is also being trained in entertainment shows with the help of advertisements and movies.

Despite huge fame, this pink pug loves human companions and prefers a cozy atmosphere at home. He is affectionate and playful. As Milkshake continues to bring joy into people’s lives, we wish him a happy and healthy life.

Image Featured: milkshakethepug

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