Hunger-Stricken Snake Eats Itself: Video Shows Reptile Swallowing Half His Body

Snake Eats Itself In 'Forgotten Friend' Sanctuary

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Very recently a video has emerged where it can be seen that a snake eats itself. As soon as the video emerged on the internet, it went viral and people all over the world are extremely intrigued by it.

The video shows the snake eating itself and effectively managing to swallow about half of his own body. However, he is rescued before it is too late and the snake eats itself completely.

During the Facebook Live video, we can see the snake eating itself is being helped by Jesse Rothacker, a member of the Reptile Sanctuary named ‘Forgotten Friend’ situated in Pennsylvania. He makes an effort to free this king-snake from the clutches of his very own jaws.

Despite the many attempts of saving by Rothacker as the snake eats itself, the cannibal reptile resists all the attempts of being saved. Meanwhile, the snake tries harder to swallow his own body furthermore as he is clearly stricken by hunger.


People Captivated As Snake Eats Itself

As it is already known that king-snakes are absolutely non-venomous in nature. Additionally, they are known to be opportunistic and devious predators who usually kill their targeted prey by choking and constriction. King-snakes are also identified to eat other snakes as well. They prey upon venomous rattlesnakes.

Apart from eating other snakes, it is often seen that this class of snake eats itself. They make this mistake where they think that their own tail is their prey or food and ultimately, the snake eats itself. In general, this so happens that after they bite into their own tail, they realize their own blunder.

Nonetheless, before it was too late, Rothacker discovered the scene of the snake eating itself and came to his rescue. Unfortunately, this aggressive reptile did not stop swallowing his own body and failed to realize his mistake in this scenario.

During an interview with Newsweek, Rothacker spoke about the details of the concerned snake who goes by the name of Kronos. He was adopted by the sanctuary some months back when the owner of the snake had to go to college. During that time, Kronos was about 5 years of age. He was almost 3 feet long.

Rothacker stated that keeping the history of Kronos in view, he did exhibit some characteristics of being a ferocious eater. As a result, he has been seen biting himself quite a few times over the past years. This is despite the fact that this snake belongs to an amazing family and comes from a very caring home.


Snake Aggressively Swallows His Tail

Snake Eats Itself In 'Forgotten Friend' Sanctuary

Credit Jesse Rothacker

The video in question that went viral, shows Rothacker, saying that rarely does a king-snake ever tries to gobble themselves. It can be seen that the snake is not simply nibbling on his own tail, or merely biting himself.  The video clearly shows the snake eating itself in an aggressive manner. This naïve king-snake is truly attempting to swallow his own body as he had gobbled down half of it already. This proves that Kronos is not one of the smartest kingsnakes present in the sanctuary.

This stomach-churning video is thought to be bizarre by numerous people as we find a snake eating itself. What is worse than the video goes on to show how this hungry snake regurgitates himself as well.

As a result, this video has made many viewers extremely uncomfortable while several others found it to be fascinating. All in all, it has become viral and more and more people are intrigued by the aggressive king-snake.

Rothacker has further added that during the rescue attempt, he taps on the nose of Kronos to help it loosen his jaws. At the proper time, the serpent begins to regurgitate the part of his tail that he had aggressively swallowed during his pang of hunger.

Rothacker, himself, was surprised to see how much of his own body Kronos had managed to swallow. He had swallowed almost half his body. Rothacker explains that this often happens if the king-snake experiences great pangs of hunger and is unable to find prey for himself.

A Successful Rescue Mission

After Kronos was freed from his own crutches, he was given a cold mouse that was thawed for him to gorge on and satisfy his hunger.

Numerous viewers had commented that the snake must have been stressed, which is why the snake eats itself. Nevertheless, Rothacker clarifies that this poor snake showed no such signs of being under stress. He had a constant provision of food as well as water. Kronos also had access to burrowing materials along with his hiding cave that had an appropriate and required temperature.

To clarify the queries and concerns of millions of viewers across the globe, Rocthacker has also said that there were some rough markings throughout his scales. This was an indication of the old wounds that took place due to digestive enzymes.

It is suggestive of an important fact that the snake eats itself quite frequently, resulting in the release of these enzymes. Animals do have some silly habits, for example, dogs often pursue their own tails. Similarly, this snake eating itself is one of its unpleasant habits.

However, rest assured, Kronos has good behavior in general. He is a healthy and happy serpent. He is often seen climbing, drinking, eating, hiding, burrowing, and indulging in other kinds of relaxation and recreational activities. This is one of the odd habits of where the snake eats itself.

Image Featured Jesse Rothacker

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