Truth Theory Podcast #11: Parallax – Conscious Hip Hop and Evolution of Rap Music

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By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory 

In this episode of Truth Theory Podcast, I interviewed Parallax who is a London based conscious hip-hop artist, mc, and producer. He has shared stages and collaborated with U.S legends such as Lord Finesse and Rakaa. He has been recognized by names such as Raekwon from the Wu-tang clan. He performed internationally as well as in the UK supporting groups such as Dead Prez.

We talked about the differences between the UK and American hip hop. How hip hop evolved over the years, why people listen to mumble rap these days.

Parallax started out with some tracks like “Rat Race” that talked about corruption and flaws of the monetary system. Over the years his style evolved and some of his music now is quite different.

I suggest checking out some of his more known tracks:

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