This Blind Dog Got A Guide Puppy To Help Him Navigate The World Around Him

guide puppy

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There are tons of stories of visually impartial individuals and their guide dogs to warm our hearts. What we had never heard was a blind dog with a guide dog. Well, brace yourself for the cutest story ever. A visually impaired golden retriever with his guide puppy is winning the Internet with their cuteness.

Tao’s human parents had been taking care of him for a while. They even set up an Instagram account for him with the handle, “tao_mr_winky.” Within a few days, they received overwhelming love from the netizens. Currently, the account has over 15.1K followers. 


Tao’s guide puppy is called Oko. And the two melt everyone’s heart as they go for regular walks. Tao is pretty much adapted to his surroundings, but Oko nevertheless helps him navigate. It’s no wonder that the netizens are crying over their cute pictures and videos. 

Incredible Progress By Tao After Glaucoma Surgery

Melanie Jackson, Tao’s human parent, informed media sources that Tao’s eyes were removed after glaucoma surgery. Fortunately, Tao made tremendous health improvements after the surgery. Jackson further said that she first noticed Tao’s health issue after he cried in pain last year. 

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Jackson rushed to the vet and was informed that Tao suffered from glaucoma. The vet then informed her that the best thing would be to surgically remove Tao’s one eye. Unfortunately, after 11 months, Tao’s other eyes had to be surgically removed as well. 

When someone has glaucoma, fluids will get built up inside their eyes and not drain away. The pain is similar to a migraine but much higher. 

Guide Puppy And Tao: A Perfect Duo

Melanie Jackson noticed that Tao was quiet and seemed to be in pain. Later at night, she saw that Tao was scratching his eyes. She knew things were not okay. But now, after Tao got a companion in his guide puppy, he seems happier than ever. 


Now, Melanie Jackson is dedicated to bringing awareness to the horrible disease. She hopes that other dog parents take preventive measures so that their pets never suffer through such pain. Furthermore, Jacksonville’s along with The Kennel Club. They used Tao’s DNA to identify several prone dogs. Glaucoma, if caught in the early stage, is easily preventable. 

On a different note, Oko, the guide puppy, recently made a debut on Tao’s Instagram page. There’s even a video of Oko leading Tao with a leash. 

Follow him on Instagram to see cute videos guaranteed to make you smile. 

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