30-Day Planking Challenge: Shed Out Your ‘Stay At Home’ Fat By Building A Strong Core

Woman Planking On Bench

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

This is the perfect time for beginners to take up the 30-day planking challenge!

2020 was encountered with a combined struggle of the COVID-19 pandemic along with a record heatwave. The idea of a 30-day planking challenge most definitely seems to be an impossible task at the moment. This is because the situation has transformed our core into jello. If you want to get back in shape, this planking challenge is apt to achieve your fitness goals.

This 4-week planking challenge is designed for better time management and a healthy way to hold a plank. Jazzing up the routine avoids the tendency of it becoming boring and unlocking your core strength. Most, importantly, the circuits increase the heart rate that leads to sweating out the ‘stay at home’ fat.

FAQs On The 4-week Planking Challenge

Can you plank every day?

Planking ensures burning maximum calories and strengthening core strength on a daily basis.

What is the duration of holding a plank?

The 30-day planking challenge begins with 20-second on the first day which gradually increases. 60-second is the best for beginners.

What are the benefits of a plank?

I: Toned belly

II: Less back pain

III: Flexibility

IV: Develops posture and balance

V: Improves metabolism

Which body-muscles benefit from plank?

This planking challenge will tone the abdominal muscles as well as sculpt the waistline, shoulder blades, biceps, triceps, lower back, chest, and arms. Furthermore, it tones the inner, front, and back thigh, glutes, and hamstrings.


Week 1 Of Planking Challenge

Day 1: Forearm Plank


Image Credit: Дмитрий Галило

Place your elbows below your shoulders and extend your legs. Draw your navel close to the spine while engaging the glutes. Hold the position for 45-seconds in 3 sets.

Day 2: Forearm Side Plank


Image Credit: Maksim Kamyshanskii

After a basic forearm plank, make fists and rotate the right fist towards the left elbow to turn it into a right side plank. Throw the left towards the ceiling and hold it for 45-seconds and then repeat on the other side.

Day 3: High Plank

High Plank

Image Credit:  Pavel Nadelyayev

Place the wrists right below your shoulders similar to the forearm plank. Hold the posture for 45-seconds in 3 sets.

Day 4: High Side Plank

Side Plank

Image Credit: Olena Yakobchuk

After a basic high plank, extend the right hand to the middle and roll it out. Stack the feet to drive the hips up while you extend the left arm towards the ceiling. Hold the position for 45-seconds.

Day 5: Knee Taps

Knee Tap Plank

Image Credit: Elizaveta Galitckaia

Alternate a knee tap on the floor during a low plank posture. Do it for 45-seconds in 3 sets.

Day 6: Shoulder Taps

Shoulder Tap Plank

Image Credit: Vladimir Cosic

In the high plank posture, square your hips without swaying them. Lift the right hand and tap the left shoulder and keep alternating for 45-seconds in 3 sets.

Day 7: Up-Downs

Place the right hand below the right shoulder and the left hand below the left shoulder and lower the back to the right elbow and alternate. Continue this for 60-seconds.


Starting Week 2

Day 8: Repeat

Repeat the previous positions of this planking challenge for 45-seconds in 3 sets.

Day 9: Push-Up

Man doing push ups in gym

Image credit: Dean Drobot

Crease your elbow in a high plank as you go lower. Beginners must do at least 3 sets of 10.

Day 10: Hip Dips

Plank Hip Dip

Image Credit: Vipin Kammattiyeri Vijayan

Rotate the hips in the low plank to dip till 3 inches above the ground and alternate. Do 3 sets for 45-seconds.

Day 11 & 12: Plank Jacks

PLank jacks. Plank. Planking. Sport exersice. Silhouettes of woman doing exercise. Workout, training.

Image Credit: Tamara Baleika

With widened feet allow your bottom to pop-up above shoulder height and quickly hop your feet. Do 3 sets for 60-seconds.

The next day, drive the hips upwards and dip the right hip below, taking back the original position. Alternate this for 60-seconds in 3 sets.

Day 13 & 14: Opposite & Same Elbow

Square your elbows in a high plank and low plank, respectively while you bring in your knees for 3 seconds each. Do 3 sets for 60 seconds.

Week 3- Almost There!

Day 15: Improve Heart-Rate

Repeat some of the previous planks for 3 sets.

Day 16: Wide Push-Up

Wide grip pushup push-up variation advanced chest exercise demonstration by male trainer athlete man training at outdoor gym.

Image Credit: maridav

Bend the elbows to 90-degree with hands wider than shoulders. Do 3 sets while repeating a minimum of 15.

Day 17: Crouching Panther

Lift the knees off the ground by 2 inches while keeping a flat back. Hold the posture for 75-seconds.

Day 18: Rotating Plank

Rotate the left elbow towards the right fist in a side plank posture and continue alternately in 3 sets for 45 seconds.

Day 19: High Reach

Stretch your hands forward in a high plank posture. 3 sets for 45-seconds.

Day 20: Repeat

Repeat hip-dips with side planks.

Day 21: Lateral Panther

Swing your body while maintaining panther plank. 3 sets for 75-seconds.

Week 4- Planking Challenge Mastered!

Day 22: Side Plank

Repeat 3 sets each.

Day 23: Rotate Push-Up

Balance your right hand above the ground and extend it upwards and alternate. Do 3 sets, repeating 10 patterns.

Day 24: Towel Rows

Place yourself in a position of the low plank on a towel and glide forward. Then return to the original position in 3 sets for 60-seconds.

Day 25: Thread Side Plank

Thread your left arm under the right side in a side plank and alternate 3 sets for 60-seconds.

Day 26: Army Crawls

Crawl while you do the towel plank in 3 sets for 60-seconds.

Day 27: Crunch

Pull the right knee towards your chest in a high side plank and alternate for 6 seconds in 3 sets.

Day 28: High Pull

Pull the left knee very close to the chest during the towel plank and alternate for 45 seconds in 3 sets.

Day 29: Repeat

Repeat some of the previous plank positions for 60-seconds in 3 sets.

Day 30: Tiger Push-Ups

Bend the elbows in 90-degree and push up at least 12 times in 3 steps.

Feel the positive impact of this 30-day planning challenge on your physical as well as mental health.

Featured Image Credit: TORWAI Suebsri

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