Truth Theory Podcast #12: Dylan Werner – Becoming One Of The World’s Top Yogis

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By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory 

Dylan Werner is one of the most recognized yoga teachers in the world. I was always interested in sports and I tried various yoga types over the years but Dylan just takes yoga to another level. He is not only extremely fit and skilled in physical aspects of yoga but he also has a lot of knowledge about the science behind these practices, physiology, and also the history and tradition of yoga. On top of that he just really is a nice person to talk to and his approach to life is very philosophical as well. He has a lot of knowledge about different eastern philosophies and he shares a lot of his wisdom in this interview. Apart from talking about yoga in general, we also discussed a lot of interesting things such as breathwork, the importance of setting an intention in life and yoga practice, how can someone build self-discipline, how to be more present in everything we do, and many other interesting topics. So if you are into yoga already this is a must-watch episode of Truth Theory Podcast, if you are considering to start you should check it out as well. If you just want to live a better life and learn more about how we can improve ourselves this is for you as well.

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Dylan’s new book is coming – February 2021, learn more


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