62-Year-Old Man Breaks World Planking Record By Holding It For 8 Hours

world record of an eight-hour plank

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

George Hood of Naperville, Illinois, broke the Guinness World Record for holding an abdominal plank posture. The 62-year-old successfully did an eight-hour plank. He held the position precisely for 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

Prior to achieving this feat, he had been training 7 hours per day, for the past many months. He did about 1500 sit-ups every day.

Hood was a law enforcement officer who took up the job of a personal trainer after his retirement. In 2011, he had set his very 1st world record for the same category by holding the plank position for an hour and twenty minutes.

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However, in 2016 he lost the record. According to him, his children inspired him once more to regain the record. He added that this record was partially dedicated to his 3 sons. Hood won back the record by beating the earlier record by fourteen minutes.

eight-hour plank

Hood said that he wanted to raise awareness among people regarding mental health. He made the new record on 15th February at the gym- 515 Fitness, which treats mental illness by exercising.

Hood said that although he isn’t paid for this, he can still help raise awareness. He observed that many of his fellow law enforcement officers are not faring very well and he wanted to help them.

When asked how he was able to do an eight-hour plank, he said that he envisioned himself as being a tree. He said that all his energy comes from the earth, just like a tree is firmly grounded, so was he. He added that he was ready to face any storm without being affected by it.

George Hood

515 Fitness gym’s founder- Niki Perry was with Hood for the majority of the time. She had also mentally prepared him during the whole training process. She said that her focus was on mental toughness and that the 4 C’s- consistency, core beliefs, commitment, and evaluation of the challenges.

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Hood did seventy-five push-ups to celebrate the new world record set by him. According to him, this eight-hour plank world record is his last one. He is now focusing on the world record for the maximum number of push-ups in an hour. The current number for the same is 2,806 push-ups.

For the beginners, he said that they have to only begin. He said that even a single push-up or a twenty seconds plank can get someone started.

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