You Can Set Up This Hammock Wherever You Go

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By Mayukh Saha,

“Goodnight, sleep tight” is something we have all said and heard at some point in our lives. Ever wondered what it means and where it came from?

Earlier, hammocks were far more common than you would think. And so was the risk of them falling after being untied, sometimes even in the middle of the night.

Hence the expression, “goodnight, sleep tight”. After all, remember rock-a-by baby?

Well, hammocks never really became mainstream, so to speak, especially in the West. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be.

For one, they are recyclable beds that are really portable. And once you get the hang of them, quite comfortable.

Only issue, where do you hang them? If you say trees, I have an answer for you: Rock-a-by baby.

Continuing on the advantages of having a portable bed, imagine going on a trip and reaching a scenically beautiful place; say a cliff.

You want to spend the evening staring at the hills and maybe reading a book. Wouldn’t it be swell if you had a bed or even a chair that you could carry with you in your car and just assemble quickly, put on some music and get it going?

Well, we might have something for you.

The Hammaka Trailer hitch stand. And to be honest, its name is its product description. Hammaka is the brand that produces it, trailer is where you will fix it in order to hang your hammock and well, it is a stand.

The stand can be affixed to any two-inch trailer bit. It is sturdy. And it is kind of a one-time, non-recurring expense you make. The chairs, or beds come separately, and hence once you buy the stand, you never have to buy another again.

There are videos all over YouTube about how you can use them, and really it is the easiest thing ever. Insider Inventions, the page, picked them and did a feature on them too, on Facebook.

You can hitch chairs on them, with leg-rests too, if you are a book/kindle person. Two chairs can be hung from one stand.

You need two-pronged stands for a hammock bed. And each stand can carry a weight of about two hundred and fifty kilos roughly, about five hundred pounds.

It is the perfect thing for day-long picnics, fishing trips and/or just casual serenity road trips.

It does have a niche market, but it does come quite cheap, at $250, considering that it is a one-time expense. You buy one and you are done to be honest. It is not bulky either, and can be dismantled and stored anywhere in a corner, or in any closet.

There is a possibility that your children and family will absolutely love it, given that it is something totally new yet related to an activity everyone loves: sleep.

Maybe this is the motivation you need to go out of your house on weekends, and spend some quality family time.

What do you think?

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