Mind Blowing Animation Reveals Pitfalls Chasing Money Happiness

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Happiness is something that most of us are are in pursuit of. Love, beautiful relationships,  fun hobbies and the like are all followed in an attempt to allow happy chemicals to freely flow through us.

The problem is there has been a collective exploitation by advertisers and profiteers at the expense of society. We have been sold the illusion of happiness at a dollar value. This gives a false sense of temporary happiness which can easily be taken a moment’s notice.

The following film from Steve Cutts illustrates this perfectly in a hard hitting, powerful animated movie using mazed rats as a metaphor for the capitalist society in the west.

The film starts with a group of clothed rats hoarding together and getting ready for the commute

With all signs leading to nowhere

Or a false sense of happiness

You can buy happiness

But what is the price?

And if that doesn’t work there is always another option

But how long will it last?

We can numb the pain

Or even make it better temporarily

But what goes up

Must come down

Money will not free you

It is a trap

Happiness truly is an inside job!

Please watch the full film below!

It is time that we realise things will never lead us to fulfilment, only when we build ourselves up and accept who and where we are, will we ever find a true sense of fulfilment. We are not in the future, we are not in the past- we are in the now and this is where happiness lives! Please share this article!

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