Create Your Own Products With This Recycling Machine


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By Mayuk Saha

Plastic is a menace in today’s world. It’s cheap and the durability and versatility of plastic is quite amazing. But here’s the problem – it takes hundreds of years to decompose. It’s creating so many problems for our environment. I know you love your surroundings and don’t want to see it get ruined by plastic waste. So, what if I told you that there’s a way out? You could recycle plastic at your own home!
Saviour of the Environment
Dave Hakkens has designed a DIY kit which recycles plastic and you can have it in your own home. We already produce about 300 million tonnes of plastic every year. But only the big industries that own recycling machines. There’s not enough motivation though. It’s cheaper to make plastic but very costly to recycle it. But with Dave Hakkens DIY kit, you can be your personal recycler and have your own plastic plant at home.

It’s already making a mark
The machine has made a lot of progress globally. In Africa, they are making bowls and sheets using this kit. Someone in Thailand is making tiles which you can use to decorate walls. Some guys in Spain has made a whole water filter out of it. So how do these countries get their hands on such a costly machine? The answer is simple: it’s cheap. Precious Plastic, the company, makes these machines at low cost by using old junk parts, like oven parts, car parts and water plumbing systems. So, you can buy it at an extremely affordable price and start recycling plastics which would have otherwise ended up in landfills and caused land pollution. Let’s do our part in cleaning up our mess.
How it works
The architecture is simple. They have four different machines and among these, one is a shredder. It will shred your items and make it suitable for use. Next you can choose among the other three which one you’d like to use based on your idea of the product you need. One of them is a granulate that becomes warm and makes the shreds soft and jelly-like which you can mould and make into whatever shape you want to give it or make a filament track out of it. In developed countries, people love to play with filaments created by 3D printers but you won’t find that in developing countries. This makes this machine much more important. You can make sheets, bowls and other useful items. You just have to get your hands on some waste products and have an idea of what you like to get out of it. You can design it too if you want to get a little creative!
What the designer dreams of
Hakkens calls it a scrapyard for plastics. Just like homeless people collect aluminium scrap and sell them at cheap prices, Hakkens believe that if we can do the same for plastics, it will lessen plastic landfills. With this machine, plastic can be made into a valuable resource. What’s more, Hakkens has designed the machine after intensive research so that it is adaptable for all kinds of environment. There’s an interactive map too which will help you locate and interact with local fellow recyclers. This man should get an award for his brilliance.
Recycling plastic is fun. Especially if you can make friends while doing that. So, stop dumping plastic. Activate your inner recycler, start collecting and put it all in this machine to make your own products. Re-Create!

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