You Can Have An Incredible Sleepover At One Of These Museums


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
Unlike Ben Stiller’s character Larry in the ‘Night At The Museum’ movies, we probably will never be lucky enough to see every artefact and model at a museum come to life. But museums around the world are offering the next best thing for history and nature enthusiasts by hosting sleepovers. Yes, you heard that right! All these museums are giving you an opportunity to have the best, most educational sleepover ever. Don’t miss out!

1. Milwaukee Public Museum

MPM Overnight kids 0

Credit: Milwaukee Public Museum

With specially themed sleepovers, this museum allows parents with kids between the ages of 6 to 12 to experience history through events like Mystery Nights and Ancient Worlds. Attendees can enjoy activities like flashlight tours, theatre shows, treasure hunts, and even breakfast the next morning.

2. Carnegie Science Center

science sleepovers 1

Credit: Carnegie Science Center

Located in Pittsburgh, the Center puts up live shows, movies, and theme nights like Spooky Science and Polar Express for their sleepover nights. Kids can do everything from watching Planetarium shows to having fun with the robot exhibit which contains amazing Star Wars style replicas.

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3. Natural History Museum

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Credit: Natural History Museum

This California museum offers a complete family experience as well as adults-only nights. Kids get to learn and play in animal-themed camps and those who are over the age of 21 are offered fantastic live music, art projects, and scavenger hunts with some great craft beer and wine to make it better.

4. The British Museum

museum sleepovers 5

Credit: The British Museum

Open for kids from the ages of 8-15, the British Museum in London offers what is truly a monumental experience as they take their guests through different cultures. However, to be eligible for these sleepovers, guests need a Young Friends membership.

5. The Natural History Museum


museum sleepovers 8

Credit: The Natural History Museum

If you’re ever in London, don’t miss out on Dino Snores night at the Natural History Museum. They offer a separate event for children from the ages of 7-11 and one for adults. Kids get to explore mysterious trails and make cool t-shirts. Adults are taken on tours around the galleries and there’s an abundance of booze and live music.

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6. International Spy Museum

museum sleepovers 10

Credit: The International Spy Museum

Giving kids an opportunity to do more than just watch ‘Kids Next Door’, the International Spy Museum in Washington hosts events for kids aged 9 to 13 along with their parents. Elaborate costumes and cryptic codes make it a thrilling and educational experience.

7. Rubin Museum of Art

museum sleepovers 9

Credit: Rubin Museum of Art

If you’re an art lover, this is an experience you cannot miss out on. Called Dream-Overs, visitors can come in their pyjamas and have a relaxed sleep while ruminating over a work of art specially picked out for them only at the Rubin Museum of Art.

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So what are you waiting for? Start planning your sleepover now!

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