Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave The Spot Where His Owner Died

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Perhaps the greatest fear that dogs know is the fear that you will never return when you walk out of the door without them. This poignant fear turned true for this dog when his owner died in an accident on a distant road in a town in Greece. Ever since, the canine has stayed back at the scene of the accident, only moving away to seek shelter from the sun.

All that a dog ever desires is to love you more, regardless of reciprocation. No other petty distractions of work, home, lovers- just the entreaty of undying love and
unwavering affection in the truest sense of the word. All they ask for is a fraction of what they gave. There is something maternal in the love that a dog gives you. A dog just loves- in life and after.

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The kind townsfolk have built a temporary cover for him. They also feed him regularly. They are reminded of the Japanese Akita, Hachiko who for years came back to the Tokyo Shibuya station for his dead owner to return.


Some viewers commented that the dog was living in dangerous conditions in the roadside shelter. They suggested moving the dog to a shelter or home. Others wondered if the dog would agree to move out once the place was cleaned of all smell and traces of its owner. But while its home by the roadside seems dangerous, the materials lying about are just garbage. But then mere humans wouldn’t understand. Only a dog would understand full loyalty to the owner.

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In our darkest nights, they bring us comfort, in our darkest days, joy. They have given us humans more love than any other creature on earth. We can only wish that he finds a new home, a new family in his time of grief.

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