Why Can’t You Have It All


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By Raquel Rios,
The fact of when a door opens, another one closes in real life is when you get a new opportunity and leave behind another one that you couldn’t continue with and had to let go.
Seems very sad, right? But it’s not totally that way. The real saying says:
“when a door closes, another one opens”.
Why is not the other way around?
Changing the order of the factors does not change the product.

If you already got a new option and need to leave behind or let go of something, it’s up to your decision, whatever you do will be the best for you, as it comes from you. But when you let go of something without having another door open, does this mean that you are going to be without any opportunity? Not really, you are never without anything. You are always within everything.

Everything you see around is a matter of perception, your projection.
It has been created first from your imagination, even if you don’t remember so, as it can be created from others imaginations.

There are as many options or doors as you can imagine and more. Don’t be afraid of confronting the closure of one of them, it might be better than what you expect. Another gate will interfere and if you haven’t seen it yet might be your time to recreate, a new alternative.
There is nothing to be afraid when you are the master of your own wealth.
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