Time To Succeed

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By Raquel Rios,

Each person has its own interpretation of success. What success means to you is not the same as what it means to another.

Every time you question your ability to achieve, what you aspire, you limit yourself to a certain extent. Because there is no way that you can reach that level without the guidance from yourself first.

What is better for you is not the same as what’s better for the other. Why is that? Because you haven’t perceived it from another perspective.

What is best for you is the best for everyone. How is that possible?

Because you achieve the highest level and that means that you are helping everyone else to do the same.

This is your biggest responsibility, to choose what is the best for you first. Without this, conditions interfere in your decisions and you allow others to interrupt your way to achieve success.

But the fact is that success is not something to be achieved, but something to be experienced now.

The time to succeed is now. If you wait for this to happen you might wait forever if you are not experiencing success in the present moment.

If you think that you have to commit to certain things that might be unpleasant in order to achieve what you want, you are not being committed to your success, and there is a high risk of failure, frustration and you might give up. Because it wasn’t your way really, it was totally the opposite, the wrong direction.

The right direction to succeed is not a process of doing things, is a time to be experienced, and this time is only now. This now prolongs into the future and you will remain in a state of success for as long as you hold on to the feeling of being grateful for your present situation.

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