What is Divine Timing and Why Forcing Things Often Doesn’t Work – Vlog #14


Very often we desire something immediately. We want to find a relationship soon or get that dream job, become wealthy financially, etc. Things often don’t work this way. There is something called “Divine Timing” and I think as with anything, certain conditions need to be in place for larger things to manifest. Think about when you want to grow a plant. You need specific conditions for it, a good amount of water, enough sunlight, soil, time, etc. Let’s say you desire a romantic relationship. Are you in the right position to maintain it at this moment? Maybe you are currently overworked and constantly stressed with very little time for anything outside of your work? Do you think such conditions could create a lasting romantic love? Very often the right things come at the right moment when we are ready for them, otherwise, they wouldn’t work. Another thing to remember here is that forcing outcomes rarely brings positive, lasting results. Everything in our lives is based on attraction. The energy we generate will very likely attract similar energy. If we are desperate for something, it is likely we will attract something that holds a similar blueprint, disharmony. Patience is necessary in order to manifest things that are well aligned with us. 

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