Student Created “Third Eye” For People To Walk And Scroll At The Same Time

Third Eye

A student created a third eye for the phone obsessed. This invention looks like it came out of Black Mirror.


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If you are always on your phone, then Minwook Paeng probably thought of you when he created The Third Eye. A robotic prosthetic eye is attached to the user’s head to detect obstacles while they scroll through TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and their private messages. 

Third Eye opens automatically when the wearer tilts down their heads. A warning buzz is emitted if an obstruction is detected. In this way, the virtual-obsessed can stay online regardless of hazards offline. 


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A post shared by Minwook Paeng (@minwookpaeng)

His device was developed at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London, where he studied Innovation Design Engineering. This year’s theme was “phono sapiens” which was a satire of modern-day humans and their obsession with their smartphones. 

“The smartphone has permeated into modern life so deeply that it’s impossible to deny the evolution of phono sapiens,” Paeng told Dezeen. 

The 3rd Eye is not a wearable video camera; it is much more advanced than that. Inside the translucent, webcam-like housing are a buzzer, a gyroscopic sensor, and a sonar sensor.

Third Eye is not the future we are heading toward (we will probably have AR contacts in the future), but it is what Paeng imagined the future generations would wear based on the widespread smartphone addiction of today’s youth.

As smartphones have become more common, they have changed us physically and the 3rd Eye is a reflection of that change. We could say that the prototype 3rd Eye is a novelty object, but it is possible that humans may evolve to being born with a sensor on their foreheads one day.

By Ruan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

Image Credit: Instagram (@mninwookpaeng).

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