Are We Slaves Who Don’t See Their Chains? – Vlog #15

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A lot of things that are happening in this world we accept as “normal”, however they are definitely not “normal”. We still have wars. We still are wrecking the environment and destroying the planet. Just so we can create a lot of crap that we could mostly live without. Major global economies compete against each other creating more havoc for the environment with each passing year. All in the name of greed and ego. We are focused on “never-ending, infinite economic growth” while our resources are finite and the amount of consumers also is limited. All that creates irreversible changes to the environment. 

This planet has been around for 4.5 billion years and in the last few decades or more we almost destroyed it. If things continue the way they are, we might be facing the 6th major mass extinction of life on our planet, this time caused by us. 

We have a handful of people that own more wealth than the bottom half of the population. Trillions of dollars can be spent on wars and weapons while hundreds of millions of people live in poverty, without water or electricity. One of the more interesting things is that most people don’t even question any of that and they just accept it as something “normal”. 

Something is very wrong with almost everything in our civilisation. It makes you wonder if we are “slaves who don’t see their own chains”?

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