What Can We Learn About Positive Thinking From Donald Trump? – Vlog #16

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Let me start by saying that this video has nothing to do with politics and I’m not trying to endorse or condemn Donald Trump. Whatever your opinion about him is, please put it on the side for a moment. I’m more interested in his perception of reality and what is happening in his mind and how it affects his well-being. 


In recent years we are hearing more and more about how our physical health is linked to our stress levels. Stress can have many forms and in modern society, we are constantly exposed to different types of stress. Stress can be linked to our job, but it can also be a thought pattern that repeats over and over. For example, maybe something in the past happened such as a relationship breakup and years have passed and we are still thinking about it, what kind of mistake we made or other negative thoughts related to this past situation. 

If negative thoughts and situations can cause mental and physical health problems, what happens when the opposite occurs? When we generate mostly positive thoughts? A lot of what is happening in our life has to do with how we respond to it, how we perceive it. The same negative situation might happen to two people, one will brush it off and not get affected by it much, the other will internalize it and get stressed about it. 

We all heard about the placebo effect, when a person who thinks they received the real treatment (when in fact they didn’t), gets similar results to the person that did get the real treatment. It proves how powerful our minds are.

Now let’s come back to Donald Trump. Trump is one of the most polarising figures in modern history. Half of the people love him, the other half hate him. When he was the president of the United States he was constantly under attack. The media would constantly point something out about his actions. Criticism would come from every possible direction. You don’t get a lot of people who get so much criticism. Yet, when you look at how he responds to a lot of these situations. He very often ignores what these different views are and he has his own perception of reality. He might think that he is doing a “tremendous” job even if other people think the opposite. Some people might call it narcissism. I personally think that he creates this internal, placebo-like effect where he creates his own vision and judgment about his performance and behavior. Now, the guy is in his 70s, he is overweight and does not really care as much about his diet either. He had to deal with enormous levels of stress, yet he still has a lot of energy to work long hours and deal with all the negativity…

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