How To Become Confident in All Areas of Life – Mike Sygula Vlog #18

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One very simple approach that worked for me is to start gradually. Many things initially seem hard but when we start doing them over and over they become a routine and we get more comfortable with doing them. I remember when I had my first public appearance. I would get very stressed. One time I remember, I got on a stage where I had to talk about myself and my business and people couldn’t hear what I was saying, my tone of voice was down, I was shaking and my heart was pounding. It was embarrassing for sure. At some point I decided to join a meetup group where people like me were practicing public speaking. After a few weeks, I got more and more confident and gradually the stress related to public speaking started to disappear. The same was when I used to compete in martial arts. First fights were very stressful, after some time I got more and more confident and later it was just “another day in the office”. The best way to overcome some kind of confidence-related issue is to start slowly and gradually. With time we get used to the level and we can increase it if possible. With a public speaking example, it could be something like starting with a tiny group of friends or something. Later we can do a meetup or ToastMasters group a few times and after that we can think about bigger audiences.

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