Veganuary Challenge: Take On The Lifestyle To Inspire A Change

Veganuary Challenge

We have the 31-day Veganuary Challenge for people wanting to try a vegan diet for a month. Recently many have been considering a vegan diet but could not find the inspiration or drive. This is an opportune challenge for people eager to try the vegan lifestyle.

The Veganuary challenge has numerous benefits. Firstly, you can try out this novel lifestyle to make a fresh start this new year. Moreover, you don’t need to join any gym or exercise class to attain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, you will have a global community that is practicing Veganuary. They will offer you the correct nutrition recipes, tips, and motivation. Lastly, this challenge is to encourage a plant-based movement.

The Veganuary concept was to inspire people to pick up environment-friendly eating habits. It has gradually grown in popularity. Numerous celebrities like Joaquin Phoenix, Mayim Balik, Alicia Silverstone, Evanna Lynch, Alec Baldwin, Paul McCartney, and Emily Deschanel support this campaign.

This campaign started off with good and humble intentions in 2013. Mathew Glover, a salesman, along with Jane Land, a teacher, were brainstorming to motivate people to practice a vegan lifestyle. For instance, a solely vegan dating site urged Brits to take up a 31-day initiative. Consequently, several others followed suit. Veganuary was a hit from the beginning as people showed immense interest and enthusiasm.

Heartfelt Beginning Of The Spirited Veganuary Challenge

Veganuary Challenge

Veganuary gained massive popularity in the following years. It was more talked about and widely practiced than animal agriculture or the environmental effects of human actions. The United Environment Programme categorized meat consumption as the most immediate problem. They stated that countless livestock is affected due to greenhouse gases.

Several diseases can be stopped by avoiding animal products. A recent 2019 research shows a strong connection between cancer and bacon. There has been rising exposure and awareness about animal welfare and the meat industry.

Meanwhile, people across the world became more ready to embrace this plant-based lifestyle over the past 6 years. The increased number of sign-ups for Veganuary campaigns reflect a change in approach and attitude. Almost 400,000 people have signed up for the Veganuary challenge in 2020. Currently, over 600 big and small business enterprises, restaurants, and retailers are promoting Veganuary. Furthermore, fast-food giants including Pizza Hut, KFC, Asda, and Marks and Spencer are backing it.


Veganuary Challenge 2021 Guide

Veganuary Challenge

Land and Glover are among the trustee board. They are committed to the growth of Veganuary. They expect an increasing number of participants on an annual basis. Anyone can join the campaign at any point in time. This month-long challenge is no longer limited to the month of January. Interested participants can take the challenge for any 31 days of the year and longer.

Every Veganuary participant will be receiving an e-cookbook written or signed by a celebrity. The cookbook will contain all the necessary tips and tricks required to successfully complete the challenge. It will have a 31-day recipe guide along with some nutritional instructions, meal plans, shopping guides, and additional resources. This will act as a complete guide to lead a meat-free and plant-based life for 31 consecutive days.

Almost every country around the globe has participants for this challenge. In addition, the initiative has managed to attract global sponsors. LIVEKINDLY is the largest brand of the Veganuary challenge. It comprises a few portfolio brands. For example, ‘Collective Fry Family Food Company’, and ‘Oumph’, which are based in South Africa and Sweden respectively.  Furthermore, ‘LikeMeat’ has also joined hands in strengthening the challenge in Germany. These 3 companies provide an extensive range of meat-like, delectable, and sustainable plant-based food products.


Veganuary Is the Way Forward

The Veganuary challenge is undoubtedly difficult for most meat-consumers. The first few days will seem extremely tough. Also, participants might be overwhelmed with the desire to give up. You must have the correct mindset and high motivation in order to complete the challenge as well as continue it.

Most people opt for veganism for all the wrong reasons and start eating meat soon after. A single incident or fleeting moment of environmental concerns will not help this journey. The inspiration must come from within. You can watch a few Netflix documentaries including Okja, Earthlings, Forks over Knives, What the Health, and Cowspiracy to get a proper perspective.

Not having the correct food stock is a common mistake. You must stock up your kitchen with delicious vegan products. This will help you in pursuing a vegan lifestyle more healthily and enthusiastically. If you do not have vegan food, you will end up having non-vegan food or starve. Veganism is easier to follow by people who live alone rather than with others. Living with people who consume meat and animal-based products is difficult. We suggest you buy lots of fruits, avocado, hummus, cucumbers, carrots, coconut water, frozen fruits, oats, nut butter, plant-based milk, bananas, apples, and dates. These are healthy snacks in-between meals. It will keep you strong and spirited.

Use your Internet access to look up a variety of delicious vegan recipes to keep you going for a month. You can substitute the meat with vegan products to make similar dishes. This will take less time and effort. However, remember to keep trying new recipes to keep morale high and successfully complete the veganuary challenge.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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