Carcinogenic Animal Testing: How Cigarettes Are Tested On Animals

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Cigarette smoking leads to carcinogenic diseases in most of the organs of the human body. Moreover, the toxic effects of tobacco are known by many people all over the world. The tobacco companies keep using irresponsible and misleading advertisements. This is because they have to sell their poisonous products to people all over the world. The carcinogenic animal testing is done by the system despite these facts.

They even go to the extent of testing their products on animals. These tobacco enterprises and numerous contract laboratories, continue executing carcinogenic animal testing. Although this proves to be an unreliable interpreter of the toxic effects on human bodies, they keep on conducting irrelevant tests on animals.

The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) is an extended program of the WHO (World Health Organization). In 2004, they released a range of monographs, which was derived from research conducted in the 1960s. The research was mainly about the toxic presence found in the different laboratory animals. This is basically because of the carcinogenic animal testing for tobacco.

Carcinogenic Animal Testing

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Tobacco Experimentations Induce Carcinogenic Animal Testing

It is shocking that the toxic habits and addictive desires of man lead to animal abuse. The Food & Drug Administration of the US (FDA) had passed the law in 2012 that demanded tobacco companies to use graphic warnings of health on the cigarette packets. 5 tobacco companies filed a T lawsuit being against the FDA.

Santa-Fe Natural Tobacco, Liggett Group, Commonwealth Brands, Lorillard Tobacco, and RJ Reynolds sued the FDA forcing them to promote anti-smoking warnings. They felt that the law was against the right to freedom of expression. Eventually, the court of law overruled the FDA’s label requirement in favor of the tobacco companies.


Abusive Animal Testing Methods

In addition, many people in the world are addicted to tobacco consumption. However, they do not have any idea of the malpractices of the tobacco companies. The enterprises employ laboratories to carry several carcinogenic animal testing which is severely abusive. For instance, various kinds of animals are forced to breathe in cig-smoke. Furthermore, this is done for several hours at a stretch on a regular basis.

The laboratory experiments are completely inhuman and outrageous. Lab rats naturally avoid taking the smoke in. The lab rats are shoved inside small canisters. Finally, the canisters are filled with tobacco smoke and sealed.

Additionally, the experiments were carried out on monkeys and dogs. They pumped smoke into the noses by putting in pipes without realizing the dreadful animal abuse. Many other tests include applying cigarette tar directly to the bare skin of rats and mice. This often results in skin tumors.

Carcinogenic animal testing is a very serious matter. The rats in canisters had to inhale cig-smoke for 3 consecutive months. Eventually, the rats are killed and cut up to inspect the effects of the smoke.


Irrelevance Of Carcinogenic Animal Testing

Tobacco firms conduct these carcinogenic animal testing for new tobacco mixtures, cigarette papers, and ‘tobacco-free’ cigarettes. They torture animals by falsely advertising ‘safer’ tobacco produced with the money of taxpayers.

The research Centre of Oregon National Primate conducted carcinogenic animal testing on numerous rhesus monkeys who were pregnant. They surgically implanted tubes inside these pregnant monkeys. The tubes were implanted to maintain the continuous flow of nicotine. They conducted the tests during the final 4 months of pregnancy. Finally, they were dissected to check the effect on the fetuses. In addition, the rhesus monkeys were also examined after the experiment.

PETA has been taking some critical steps to ensure animal protection. Law agencies and other institutions have been issuing warnings against tobacco consumption. There are many labels against the practice of carcinogenic animal testing as well.

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