UN Replies To Elon Musk’s Request With “Proof” Of How His Money Will Help Starving

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Recently, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and multi-billionaire had promised to sell a portion of his Tesla shares. He would then donate the proceeds to the United Nations to fund their fight against famine. However, he wanted the leaders of the organization to give him a clear plan about how the $6Bn is going to be used. For more about Musk’s reply:

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The UN announced this week that they have “proof” that the $6 billion figure will do the job. David Beasley, the director of the World Food Programme of the UN, had originally requested billionaires such as Musk and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, to help out in fighting world hunger.

Elon Musk’s Pledge To The UN’s Mission

Musk had replied to Beasley’s original tweet with the request for a detailed plan. He had told Beasley that if the WFP could describe how $6Bn can stop world hunger, then he was willing to sell Tesla stock immediately to raise the required amount. However, Musk wanted accounting to be open source. Because he wanted the public to also be aware of where the money will be spent.

Earlier this week on Twitter, Beasley replied that the world is alight. He said that he had warned about a perfect storm forming, caused by climate shocks, conflict, Covid, and rising costs in the supply chain. He then emphatically stated that the perfect storm has arrived. Beasley claimed that 45Mn lives and more are at risk. He explained that not feeding people increases conflict, destabilization, and, thus, mass migration.  

He continued by saying that the present hunger crisis is unprecedented and urgent but it could be avoided. He tags Elon Musk and his request for open books and a detailed plan and presents them. Beasley concluded by saying that the organization is prepared to converse with Musk and whoever else is willing to save lives. The required amount to stop famine from happening in 2022 is $6.6Bn.

The Overview Of The UN Plan

Beasley also added a link that would take one to the website of the United Nations. There one can get a clear outline of the direction of spending. Here is a short summary:

  •       $3.5Bn for procuring and delivering food. This includes the shipping and transportation costs, plus the cost of warehousing. It also includes the cost for delivering the “last mile” which can involve river, land, and air transport. Moreover, sometimes security escorts and contracted drivers will be required for distributing food in zones affected by conflict. The people in these areas are those who require it the most.
  •       $2Bn for food vouchers and cash. This is for the areas where markets are an option. This assistance can help the needy ones to buy their choice of food as well as support local economies.
  •       $700Mn for designing, scaling up, and managing effective and efficient programs that will be customized per country for 43 countries. The programs will ensure the distribution of several million more cash transfers and food vouchers. This includes the costs for running offices and satellite offices, their security, and their monitoring of results and distributions.
  •       $400Mn for regional and global accountability, administration, and regional operations. This will include the costs for coordinating aviation routes and supply lines across the world, Coordination would involve contracting freights, analyzing and monitoring worldwide hunger as well as risk management. This will also include the cost of hiring independent auditors who will be overseeing the operations.

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However, Beasley also stated this will not “solve” the hunger crisis. But it would still save millions of lives. The $6B will definitely ensure geopolitical stability and thus prevent mass migration and potentially save 42Mn from starving to death.

Elon Musk has not yet responded to the latest document from Beasley. 

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