Does Big Age Difference Matter In Relationships? Here Is What People Say

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A relationship between two people is not only based on love. Some believe it requires maturity, compassion, understanding, and many other emotions. Others say that even if the opinions do not match, what matters is the connection between the two. They believe that this connection lets them endure any obstacles that may arise in the way of the relationship.

However, one more factor that is said to be important in relationships is the age of the two people. In many cultures, it was frowned upon for older women to get together with younger partners. However, older men were often paired with younger women because it was believed to result in a more “stable” connection. But does this concept still hold in 2021 when the meaning of marriage is taking on more colorful and numerous meanings?

So, we asked the people if a big age difference matters in relationships. Here are the top liked comments:

1. Nothing Is Better Than An Example

big age difference matter in relationship

The top-most liked comment is not an explanation, but a simple example. The commenter says that she has been married to a man who is older than her by one and a half decades. But that has not broken them apart even after almost four decades. Almost to indicate that the love is still there too, the comment ends with some cute love emojis.

2. Age And Maturity

big age difference matter in relationship

This comment painted a different picture. The woman says that the father of her son was nearly a decade younger than her. And they managed to be together for a decade. Given the past tense, we assume that they had to split after that period. This gives a whole new meaning to her last sentence: that age is usually a big factor in being mature.

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3. Age Is Just A Number

big age difference matter in relationship

This commenter thinks that a big age difference hardly matters given our current lifestyles. He makes a very interesting point where today age usually does not determine the mental and physical health of a person. He says that 40-year-olds can be decrepit and old while there are 60-year-olds who might be the most active people ever seen. So, let us end his sentence, and say that it is the mentality that matters in the end, and of course, your preference too.

4. You Decide Your Relationship

big age difference matter in relationship

The next commenter thinks that age difference can be an issue if we allow it to be an issue. This is because love does not depend on distance, color, or age. True, fiction usually depicts as such but there are much fewer examples in reality. This is not to say that such an attitude is impossible or unknown.

5. It’s Your Happiness

big age difference matter in relationship

The comment starts with a very important disclaimer: that the younger person must be a legally consenting adult. Apart from that, however, whether an age difference is an issue or not shouldn’t bother anyone else outside the relationship. In fact, thinking about what others may say or think, has made many give up their chance for happiness. The commenter rightfully rues the fact.

6. Relationships Are Not Built On Age

big age difference matter in relationship

This comment is another example with a 24 year age difference. They think that a relationship built on a deep connection, understanding, and love is much more important than an age difference. True, how can age be an obstacle when you trust your partner completely?

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7. The Other Side

big age difference matter in relationship

To finish it off, we have a comment that has a different opinion. This commenter thinks that couples have to have a similar age. Then they can better understand each other’s likes and dislikes as well as look suitable for each other. Being 60 while having a partner half your age does not look good for the two.

To conclude, we should say that none of these are our opinions, and neither do we endorse them. But what do you think? Does a big age difference matter in relationships, or is it only a minor factor in today’s day and age?



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