To Keep Strangers Warm This 87-Year-Old Lady Spent Months Knitting 75 Hats


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Grannies love to care for all, don’t they? Well, one granny from Massachusetts has gone well beyond her family and provided hand-knitted caps to the homeless!

This kind soul has decided to remain anonymous and not draw attention to herself. Her first effort was to help the homeless and needy face the winter in 2018. She has similar plans for the coming winter this year as well.

This 87 years old granny knitted 75 woolen hats for kids and others in need who may not have access to any other winter wear. Once very active in her youth, this granny was not happy to just sit and spend her days. She wanted to stay busy and help her community. So she decided to work on these hats.

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Making one hat takes nearly a full day’s time but the granny is more than happy to get them done. She managed to do 75 hats last year!

In an interview with Boston 25 News, the woman was candid about how she does not seek any limelight but rather wants to contribute from behind the curtains. She finds it fun to knit and it makes her feel good to be able to help those in need.

When this lady finished making 75 hats, her daughter packed them in bags and hung them along a fence. The hats were ready to be taken by any individual in need from the Nelson Memorial Park, Plymouth. Apart from this initiative, the granny also donated hats to the homeless shelters in her locality. And she has no plans to stop her work.

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Granny understands how the homeless and needy must be feeling when they have to face harsh weather conditions and is trying her best to contribute as much as she can. One hat may not mean a lot for us, but for someone who has nothing, even that counts.

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This granny and her hand-knitted hats are proving how there is still humanity left. Even with all the wrongs in the world, such acts of random kindness time and again prove the inherent good in humans. We wish this granny a long and healthy life and may she knit to her heart’s content!

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