Krispy Kreme Donated 500 Dozen Donuts To Student Who Drove 270 Miles Every Week To Pay His Student Debt By Reselling Donuts


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Every weekend Jayson Gonzalez would cross the state lines from Minnesota to Iowa. He made this 270 miles drive to buy a carload of Krispy Kreme doughnuts from an outlet at Clive. He realized the potential as Minnesota has no Krispy Kreme stores.

Gonzalez could see that he had a ready market waiting back home. Every weekend he would drive down south, pack his car with boxes of doughnuts, and drive them back homeward to customers in St. Paul, Minnesota. They cost him $10 a box at Clive, 12 doughnuts each to the box. He sold them for $17 – $20 back in Minnesota. He managed to bring in 100 boxes with every run.

But Krispy Kreme soon put a stop to his fledgling venture, reports The Washington Times. Gonzalez got a call from their office in Nebraska telling him to discontinue after his venture gained publicity. The company cited concerns about “product quality” and even “regulatory compliance.”

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But the company soon had a change of heart. They are now encouraging Gonzalez to operate his enterprise as an independent operator so he can settle his student debts. They have even donated Gonzalez 500 boxes, each carrying a dozen doughnuts, as reported by The Chicago Tribune.

The company said that that they learned from Gonzalez that he was planning to be debt-free from student loans by the time he graduated from Metropolitan State University in 2021. He was saving money from reselling the doughnuts every weekend for that purpose.

The company was all praises for Gonzalez’s entrepreneurship and wanted to chip in. They started by donating 500 boxes doughnuts towards his cause.

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The company was not convinced at first that Gonzalez could maintain its high-quality standards. He was transporting food items over a distance of 270 miles. But then they have expressed their willingness to have him as an independent operator. With Krispy Kreme Run, Minnesota he can now continue to deliver their products to fans back home.

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The company has wished Gonzalez enormous success. And as a token of appreciation for his efforts has donated 500 boxes of a dozen doughnuts each, to jumpstart his business. 

Jayson Gonzalez is naturally elated and thanked everyone. He posted that when one door closes another one opens. This hype has opened up many more opportunities for this young man. What he thought would turn out to be a “bummer” has turned out really well. The turn of events has led to more life-changing experiences for Gonzalez. In his post on LinkedIn, he talked about the awesome turn of events and how it has been an incredible month for him.

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