[VIDEO] Hollywood Film Producer Shares Powerful Message About Addiction Recovery

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

In a heartfelt video, American film and television producer, Scott Steindorff explores the difficult events surrounding his childhood and the effect this had on his adult life. From a young age, Steindorff was exposed to addiction and substance abuse. Due to the fact that his parents were unemotional and inward, he was a shy boy and was often bullied in school.

“And the kids started bullying me. So I started feeling less than. My grades deteriorated. My self-esteem, self worth deteriorated and I felt terrible about myself. I didn’t like who I was.”

Steindorff continued to feel like  this in his adult life. With little self-belief, he became an “inner-bully.” He didn’t believe in himself and this had a negative impact on his social interactions. He became a bully both to himself and others. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol but knew that things had to change. He “fired that bully” and realised his potential.

We have all failed in one way or another. The more we talk about failure and the more open we are, the better we are going to get as a society. Steindorff chose to share this powerful story to support others in their efforts to overcome their addictions. We all have the ability to change, grow and work on ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you are a best-selling author, film producer or shop assistant, Steindorff encourages you to “be honest and transparent” and to always “be your authentic self.”


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